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B-17 "Flying Fortress" - 1/32 by HK Models, Eduard, Profimodel

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Another solution for the decal problem is to airbrush it on. That saves the nice rivet detail and emphasizes the panel lines. 


But then you'd have to take the other one off as well. 

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the problems are solved :) I have removed the decals and brushed it once more on this panel.... then a new decal on it - finished :) Nobody will see it later :) 


... now... the exhaust pipes were painted.....:
The landing gear as well... and installed some wiring..... 
Some further parts painted in black (matt) and olive green (matt)..... olive will also follow on the engines later...
and the wings partialy mounted.....: 
So far for today....

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The wash looks great.  When you wiped the surface, which direction did you move the cloth?  Did you go in a circular pattern or straight?  Thanks in advance.  

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the exhaust's painting..... first black over all.... then airbrush with low pressure.... light beige s prinkled over it.... then a darker brown..... more darker brown.... and a little bit of grey. Then the rings painted in black..... later will follow black smoke pigments .... also on the wings ....


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