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My HK B-17G Build


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well, I have inspected the kit finally, and I must say it is incredible. Aside from the numerous pin marks, everything looks very well done.

So far I have nearly finished two engines, and today finished the cockpit. I am not using any extras aside from a few decals that I have printed up.


16724756_102_1549.JPG     16741168_102_1555.JPG    



The plywood decal I created for the floor.


16741171_102_1560.JPG     16741173_102_1563.JPG     16741179_102_1570.JPG     16741174_102_1564.JPG

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Well I have gotten some more done this past weekend, almost ready to mate the fuselage together.


16761087_100_1593.JPG     16761089_100_1594.JPG     16761096_100_1595.JPG     16761101_100_1598.JPG     16761098_100_1596.JPG


I have also added the wires to the cylinders, although there not very easy to see

16761114_100_1609.JPG     16761128_100_1604.JPG     16761129_100_1607.JPG


Stay tuned fior more, and feel free to ask any questions, If I have the answer, I will give it.

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Here are the links to my build albums if you want to see all the pics.





and here's the pics I took at pencon, I built the enterprise, ad won a silver for it


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I just created the plywood texture using the programs I have, and then print it out on the testors decal paper. For this one I use the white backing.


And here is the full resolution image to use, just print it out at a size that fits what your making.


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