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new built AVIA B 135

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Hi guy's,

While waiting for the decals which makes me a friend ... for my Tempest

Here my new project I would like to built an Avia b 135, I like esoteric planes I look for a LEGATO B 35 for a good departure but I do not find it, a friend had a exemplar of a similar model by Zip Modelism.I moulded all parts here pics of the progress


Here the finished model





the first molding






and sanding for a long,long time ..... :blush:



I ' drilled the landing gear







so give me your first impression, If somebody possesses the model of Legato AVIA B 35 I am always buy it !


regards topper71

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Oh my favorit plane. I had an idea to do it as a kit, but Legato was faster me. (I have their kit at home) Legato have AVIA B-35 first prototype. B-135 was different plane. Different wings, undercarriage and so hon. B-135 was sold only to Bulgary and production was stopped.

Will look here daily.

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