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A Very Sad Day - Passing of Dr. Charles Metz

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Just received the following information from Steven Eisenman:


For those in the Chicago area, there will be a memorial service for Charlie on August 27 at noon (If I heard correctly). It will be at the Rockefeller Chapel of the University of Chicago. Needless to say, it is the larger of the University's two chapels. Today, the University flew its flags at half-mast in honor of Charlie.


Charlie's collection of over 3,000 books and sundry model kits are being donated to the Pritzker Military Library in Chicago.




Contributions can be made to the Library to help with the cost of cataloging Charlie's vast collection.


Everything is being done in accordance with Charlie's specific requests.



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I've recently been contacted by Charles' daughter Becky, and with her permission, I'm posting that message here for all to read.


I am Charlie Metz's daughter. I was just reading the Large Scale Planes forum on my dad. Are one of you the Administrator?


Tears stream down my face as I read the wonderful and touching words about my dad of this community. I know how very much my father enjoyed being a part of it, building model airplanes and being your friends. I can not express how very much this means to MY SISTER AND ME.


Thank you also for the information you posted from Steven. I appreciate you sharing this information.


Yes, his service will be Monday, August 27 at 11:00 a.m. (different from the time posted) at Rockefeller Chapel at the University of Chicago. Everyone is welcome.


Yes, his collection of books and kits are being donated to the Pritzker Military Library. When I receive the information from the library about the how to make the donations, I will forward it to you for those who are interested. Thank you for sharing this information. As you can imagine with his vast and complete collection, transferring this gift is a big task. We are also making a monetary donation in his honor, but I know it will require many resources of the library to complete the cataloging and moving. Therefore, this would be a wonderful place for others to donate in his name.


Also, here is a link to an article on Dad in the Chicago Tribune. Dad was a wonderfully well-rounded and humble person. Many of this model friends (as even family members were not) may not be aware of the contributions he made to science.



I am absolutely heartbroken in losing my dad and I miss him so. He was an amazing father -- and a best friend. I struggle to find how to move on in a life without him. The exp<b></b>ressions from others is comforting and appreciated. I hope he will live on in all those he touched.


Thank you!


Best, Becky


We will be officially dedicating the LSP Reference section to Charles' legacy once the work is further along.



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I know this is a bit late, but not to recognize the passing of a gentleman and scholar such as Charles would be insulting. I read this yesterday and have thought about it ever since. It is a tragic loss on so many different levels. I can only hope his family finds peace in short order in the knowledge that he is at peace as well.



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Kev, thank you soooo much for you great efforts on this and all else you do. I know Charles is looking down with a smile, and a wink ! This will undoughtably be of great value to all of us here !.......Harv :thumbsup:

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I've just completed a minor revamp of the home page for the LSP Reference database, and included a dedication to Charlie:






That's the first I've seen of it, thanks Kev, looks cool. Now those members that care to, can scan images of remaining covers needed, (if they have said book in their collection).


Trying to bring the database up to snuff with accompanying images has been a fair amount of effort on the part of several people, but is really beginning to take shape.


The reference section is slowly growing, with new titles being added all the time. Eventually, we'll see reference books ranging from WWI to the present in the database. Several members have already contributed images, and we appreciate it very much.

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