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A Very Sad Day - Passing of Dr. Charles Metz

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Very sad news indeed; I knew that Charles had been very ill but had no idea.

Like many others I knew him only through his words here. He was a gentleman and a true scholar.

He will be missed greatly.

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I remember Charles for his helping with links for technical stuff, and as importantly, his calm support and encouragement when I had my own medical difficulties a few years ago. In the greater and even more important picture, he's going to be missed by a whole lot of people. My heart goes out to his family especially.

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He will sorely be missed. A wise and level headed man in so many ways. His knowledge & advice will be missed deeply. I only wish I had the honor to meet him in person. I only knew him through LSP and it was an honor to be a member along with serving on the board with him. Godspeed Dr. Charles!

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Wow what a Shock! I have really enjoyed his wisdom on the forums (and what a data base of things that fly)

he had a good sense of humour too.


My thoughts go out to his family and friends.


RIP Dr Metz.





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Holy Moly... :o


This is shocking and saddening. It's a really big loss to the modeling community and to everyone who knew Charles. I first met him here on LSP way back when, his depth of knowledge and wisdom was/is incredible. He was always the voice of reason here and on other forums.


He will be sadly missed... :(


Rest in Peace Charles.



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Sad news indeed. My condolences to his family.

In the last week I've lost my sister and a friend of over 40 years, both to cancer. I wish that science could really do something to stop this scourge.

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