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Cammett Arado E377a and He162

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Focke-Wulff Triebfluegel. Tailsitter with 3 jets on 3 short wings.


How about a multi-wing with 8 engines and 3 wheels? This should be the Caspian Sea monster :-)

BTW, my wife was so kind to provide me for my birthday with an LSP X-wing set (Finemolds/Kotobukiya prepainted). Yippee!



- dutik

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The suspense is killing me. Can we have another clue? Please?


I'd join in with my Electronic 1/36-scale X-wing but it's technically not a plane.

Perhaps I'll drag the Tigermoth out after all.

Must... resist... starting another kit...:blowup:

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Ah yes...you can trust Steve to nail down anything remotely Luftwaffery. This is the one. It looks like a great kit.


Here's on built up by Spencer Pollard and another byRon Scholtz who posted the piccies on Hyperscale.


Some construction piccies on the weekend.




Funny...a bit of Luftwaffe 1946 would be kinda fun in 1/32


Cheers Matty

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