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Fw-190 A-8 / Jg. 2

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Hi all,


This build is planed as an illustration for a forthcoming book, decal/drytransfers to be released by Vintage Eagle Publishing (both should be available soon !)

There is a bit more about it here : http://www.vintageeagle.com/products/decals/ve001d-captured-eagles-vol-i-decals



For clarification, for me it's just for fun !

There is no financial compensation behind it, so with Roger Gaemperle's kind permission, I thought it would be fun to share it here as it should be a kind of "easy going" OOB build (and not a (heavy) "weird" scratchbuilding or resin thing as I sometimes dive into... :deadhorse: ).

This "shake and paint" option will also be a good mental exercise for me to "fight" the AMS sydrome.



The intention is just to try to make a good looking model by taking the usual care for a clean assembling and some "home improvement" that everyone can reach, and without grabbing to resin or PE parts on the market, nor from spare box.


This A-8 will end as on Vintage's decal sheet : a late execution AC, belonging to Jg. 2, with a blown canopy fitted and (most important to me) a patchy painting and a Luftwaffe late war colours camo.




Following this "easy going rule" (and the dead line), the cockpit is straight OOB (still needs some tuch ups!). The only addition is RB's late Luft' seatbelts. As these parts are not supplied in the kit, I just can not live without it… and Radus's great stuff is just what I need !


The cockpit tub was simply painted RLM66 with some shadows / highlights and the usual few "colour spots".


Visible seat edges were thinned to make it look a bit better.


The IP was painted by following a trick I read about here (I'm sorry for the autor, I really don't remember who it was ! My apologies, and thanks to him !).

That part was first painted white (I used Tamiya white metal primer for it's strenght for the forthcoming manipulation) and then painted it RLM66.

After drying, the grey paint on the instrument bezels edges was carfully scraped with a hobbyknife (revealing the white ground) to make the details appear almost like a decal. At last, I added the specific colours to the the instruments that needed it.

Some paint chipping, dusty chalk shadows and the (supposed to be) instruction shields (just whithe paint) added, the whole things were sealed with a flat coat.

At very last, the instrument glasses are simulated with a few drops of Future.

Some more paint effects have to be added but it will be done once de fuselage is closed… and sometimes, more is already too much…










The engine assembly is OOB too (after all, once the cooling fan installed, there is nearly nothing too see there!).

The engine was painted with the usual light / shadow rules. So the assembly was first painted black and then with Alclad aluminium. Avoiding spraying the paint 90° from the front but only over the pushrod covers make the cylinders cooling winglets and some other molded details easily pop up.

Then the other colours were added and sealed with Future. A light oil wash and drybrushing made it ready for installation into the cowling parts.








The cowlings have been corrected as per instructions and the visible panel edges (like exhaust covers) have been "thinned" like the seat : by cheating... (make only the visible edges look thin by scraping some plastic off).







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"Riveting" is added too because… I like it and 'think it looks nice ... It also make the weathering process a bit easier for me (and maybe more realistic ?)

For this operation, I'm still using my usual Swiss caveman riveting tool… no comment !

It's not a very time consuming work and quiet easy.

It just needs a good plan, ruler, pen and cheap tape... but I always find it sooo boring ! :BANGHEAD2:

But at the end, I'm always happy I did it ! Go figure ! :closedeyes:









Wheelwell part on it's way too (just the basic paint)




Uhh... and That's it for the moment, but a bit more very soon ;)




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I know Kev : an other one... :closedeyes:




Looks good man but where is the Mirage?

Dohh!!! Busted ! :innocent:




Love that riveter Roland!



Hahaha !

I "build" it in 10 minutes when I came back to modelling some 6 years ago now.

It works fine for me without any mechanical failure since... so no reason for me to buy a nicer tool :lol:

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I've got too a few things for an update :rolleyes:


Some progress with the riveting



The assembled engine cowlings requested a minor amount of putty



Another "edge thinning" exercise



The exhausts are easily and quickly drilled out



The cockpit is ready too but my photos are of such a poor quality, I'm ashamed! ... and I feel sorry that they don't do Radu's nice parts justice :(





I added a few goodies to the LG.

I noticed I did the brake lines wrong until now : they should run behind the 2 upper LG covers bracket and not over them (except the third one) like one can see it on the print in background.



This was imitated by drilling a 0.5mm hole through the two upper attachement tabs and run the lead wire through it.





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Then some paint.

I started with a black base spryed, over the white primer, from downside up





And sprayed the RLM 02, mainly from the opposite side as for black (don't know if it makes sense ?), trying to keep a kind of light/shadow effect on the molded details.

(my bad photos don't show it very well, I agree :deadhorse: )




Here the paint is half way through on some other parts by taking the same advantage of the black base





And... :rolleyes: that's it for the moment.

Next main step will be to close this fuselage and finish the wing assembly.


So... TBC



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I am loving this technique with the black and then base color spraypainting. Nice looking and very simple. But then most of the time it's the simple things that work the best!!

I must remember this...I must remember this...I must remember this

Siet gut aus Herr Roland,meine trockenfleishfresser.


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Hi !

Thanks for your replies ! :)


Siet gut aus Herr Roland,meine trockenfleishfresser.


Hahaha !!! You're a ****, Jerry !!! :lol: :P

(BTW, did you get the second box of the Swiss castings ?)


Maybe black is not the best option, instead adding black to the normal colour may make that thing a bit easier to control... I have to test it this way the next time.

But even with black, it works with a well covering paint.




Efficient and clean. You make it look so easy, Roland. Thanks for sharing.


But Martin, this IS an easy kit !!!


I'm now stumbling over the only problem I know about it : a huge step (1mm or even more) between the engine cowling and the upper wing root… 'will see how I can fix this...




sweeeeet looking radial there


who needs Vector?!

Thanks Nick!

I'm still wondering why this kit never get the attention of some AM manufacturer to offer us a nice visible engine option???!!! :(

Something like Aires D9 engine set would sell well, I'm sure!

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Yes,thanks,the black resin works just fine for us. We got the second box a while ago and unlike the first box,it didn't take 9 weeks to get here!

We tried to do some shopping for you this weekend at a new store we found but it is only open on the weekdays. I must return during this week sometime. We hear it's the mother load of the good stuff!

And btw,I was the one that told you about the scrapping the paint off with a hobby knife! Maybe living high in the Alps deprives your brain of too much Oxygen? I already knew it gives you problems with directions but memory as well? Maaan....they do sell oxygen tanks I hear?


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Don't worry, no need to look for anything ! I'm just happy if you are happy with it ! :)



I dont' know if it is the lack of oxygen with the altitude or if there are some connection failure somewhere between my ears... No matter either memories or orientation are concerned !

... but I've my opinion about it :lol:


So : your trick works just fine ! Quick and easy with a good working base (and this Hasegawa kit is !)

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