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More about Zoukei-Mura's new 1/32 Shinden kit

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Just a heads up on a problem I encountered while attempting to order some of the extra parts for the Shinden. I was able to navigate the site and get the items into the shopping cart but when I attempted to place the order I was informed that the items cannot be sent overseas. Has anyone else tried to order and, if so, what luck did you have? I would be disappointed not to be able to get those parts.


Rich S.

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The parts where not on sale until late today. You can order them now. Was just at the site.




You can only go so far through the purchase process before your told that the items cannot be shipped O/S. I've sent them an email...let's see what happens.

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Just received their reply......


Dear "Me",


Thank you for your email.

Thank you very much for your continued support.


We are truly very sorry for the confusion and concern that we have caused you.

The Shinden Extra Parts are now available for overseas sale so please feel free to go ahead and place your order for these parts.

We look forward to receiving your order.


We are also very glad to hear that your Shinden kit has arrived safely.

We sincerely hope that you will enjoy many pleasurable hours putting your kit together.




VOLKS Web Site Service Center

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