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  1. Glad your aboard. I have been away for awhile due to 'life' issues but its glad to see you here. Its the best forum I have found. I have ordered a lot from HLJ over the years and their new 'Private Warehouse' allows you to hold items there for up to 60 days. This is great on saving shipping cost as you are not shipping items each time your place an order. Kyle
  2. Very nice, makes me want to start the one I have in my stash. Kyle
  3. Thanks! The decals where a big reason I got it. Hadn't built a Semi since I was a kid. I now have three more to do. The Chrome paint was a new brand I have never seen called SPAZ STIX. It comes in a spray can and they have various shades of chrome and I think gold also. I needs a gloss black base just like Allclad. Kyle
  4. Having no motivation to really finish any projects I spotted this at the local hobby shop and couldn't resist. Despite having lots of flash and some offset molding the plastic is soft and easy to clean up. I used Tamiya spray can paints and the gloss coat is 'Future'. I removed the chrome using 'Purple Power', learned this from one of the car guys in our local club here in Albuquerque. Purple Power is a degreaser sold at auto stores or WalMart. It has no odor, leaves no residue on the parts and can be reused. The decals are thin didn't tear while adjusting and reacted well to Miro Set and Sol. Now I just need to find the Revell Thunderbird truck I saw on ebay, but not at the price they where asking! Now I having a blast with the Tamiya P-51. Kyle
  5. I have ordered from them 3 times now. First time was when the Shinden first came out, this was only offered through the Japan site at that time. I have since ordered the Ta-152 and another Shinden through the 'USA' site option. Items are better priced and shipping is reasonable. I get an e-mail confirming my order then the next e-mail, when it comes, is the shipping notice. Never had any issues and they actually answered my questions I sent by e-mail. Kyle
  6. Martin, The local contractors wish to thank you for all the incredibly cool and large kits. You have aided the local economic stimulus package. I now have to add onto the house just to fit these beauties. I'm eagerly waiting for the B-25's and now the B-17. Kyle
  7. Thanks. I was think that might be the case. Just looks so cool. Kyle
  8. Been working on the Academy F-16I, which is a great kit. I've been building the weapons and noticed that the AGM-142 Popeye and the Rafael data link pod are included. I do not know what version of this missile is in the kit, but was it ever carried on the SUFA? If not, guess I can use it on the IAF F-4 or F-15I I plan to do. Kyle
  9. Looks good Mustang. I have just finished the engine assembly steps on mine, but I didn't drill out the plugs. I like that idea. Kyle
  10. Just went back to the site and now everything is sold out except the prototype or early cowl. Hope they are just updating the site. Kyle
  11. Just caught the last part. Hope it gets fixed, I wanted the jet engine. Kyle
  12. The parts where not on sale until late today. You can order them now. Was just at the site. Kyle
  13. Very Nice!!!! Almost done myself, like the post shading. Hope mine comes out as nice. Kyle
  14. My mask were in one of the clear bags with the decals. Kyle
  15. The magnets help pull in the center of the panels and the tabs bring the ends together. First thought the fit was not great until I noticed I had the whole engine 'pod' out of alignment where it attaches to the fuse. The prop assembly really tightens up the whole assembly.
  16. Actually holiday should be over, at least going by the Hobby Link Japan site. There are probably busy with all the orders from over the Holiday.
  17. Looking good. It's nice to see how others assemble and paint this kit. I agree about how quick this kit builds. I just put on the mask for the canopy last night. They fit very well, you just have to work on the placement. I actually got one coat of paint on the bottom to check my seams. Not much to fix. Kyle
  18. I know in Japan a lot of companies are pretty much off the 1 to 2 weeks this time of year. I'm sure they are now catching up. I plan to order at least one more kit and the jet engine aftermarket item. Once I showed a few people the kit they where really surprised on the fine detail and now want to order one. Kyle
  19. Here is a link the Vallejo's cross reference charts for their paints. http://www.acrylicosvallejo.com/Extras/doc...uivalencias.pdf Kyle
  20. Below is a link to the Vallejo PDF catalog. The colors are on pages 6 - 13. The color chips are much better than the instructions. http://www.acrylicosvallejo.com/Extras/doc...goModelismo.pdf Below is my list of the Vallejo color and Vallejo color names from the instruction page. Vallejo Number /Color 71007 Olive Green 70344 White 71003 Scarlet Red 72007 Gold Yellow 71040 Burnt Umber 70974 Green Sky 72053 Chainmail Silver 72054 Gun Metal 71073 Black Metal 70861 Gloss Black 71063 Silver 70820 White 70306 Dark Rubber 72049 Stonewall Grey Kyle
  21. Just picked mine up. Very Nice! like the pictures of the painted and completed assembly at the end of the steps. They include a seat without belts and with belts molded in. I got two of them so I also got the extra figures. Very nice detail. Kyle
  22. WOO HOO!! It's in town. If I don't have it today should have it by Saturday. I'll have to do the final painting of the Tamiya Spitfire tomorrow and clear the bench. Kyle
  23. Just went to USPS tracking page and entered my tracking number. Package cleared customs this morning. Kyle
  24. Kyle

    Spit Bits

    Great work in the cockpit!!! I'm almost ready to button mine up and paint. I will be doing at least two more glad I got to see your work in the cockpit. Radu's belts look GREAT! Kyle
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