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  1. Mustang137's email has solved the problem- just placed an order that was accepted. Thanks for the great work! Rich S.
  2. Just a heads up on a problem I encountered while attempting to order some of the extra parts for the Shinden. I was able to navigate the site and get the items into the shopping cart but when I attempted to place the order I was informed that the items cannot be sent overseas. Has anyone else tried to order and, if so, what luck did you have? I would be disappointed not to be able to get those parts. Rich S.
  3. Hi Nick, I was looking for the same information over on Hyperscale a while ago. I am hopeless when it comes to computers in general and linking items in particular but if you will search for "Rich S . beam defensive armament JU-88 follow up" on 3 July in the Hyperscale forum you will find some photographs from Greg Taylor that you may find useful. They show the later twin mounting at the rear of the canopy as well as the beam mountings. Hope this helps, Rich S.
  4. I have purchased several of their sets and the quality is first rate. Excellent molding with complete and clear instructions. Looking forward to these new products. Rich S.
  5. Given your success in overcoming every challenge so far on this project I am sure that you will come up with an effective solution. Anxiously awaiting further updates! Rich S.
  6. Thanks blackbetty- your thoughts on this sound perfectly reasonable and right on target. Thank you for the image ju88a1- very helpful. I would be interested in ideas on how best to deal with that hole in the windshield. Thanks again. Rich S.
  7. A very interesting thread and absolutely superb work on this project. Just a question on the right front windshield and the MG 15 mount. I am interested in doing one of the very early Zerstorer Staffel KG 30 Ju 88 Cs in Norway in 1940. Would that windshield MG 15 still be in place? Thanks for any advice. Rich S.
  8. Hi Ron, I have gotten interested in Japanese aircraft recently and found that any controversy over the accurate shades of late war Luftwaffe RLM 81/82/83 paints pales in comparison to the discussions of correct hues of Japanese aircraft colors. You may want to check out j-aircraft.com which has a lot of information on the subject. There are a number of different camps on this subject, each with its own viewpoint. I personally have no idea who is right and who is wrong I just picked one opinion and went with that. The color mixes that I used came from postings by Mr. Greg Springer on th
  9. Same here. I can get to their home page and "What's New" but not the forums. Rich S.
  10. Avionix does, in fact, have two very nice sets for the Trumpeter F6f, one for the F6F-5 and another for the F6F-3. Both have seats with the seatbelts molded on.
  11. I purchased a set a while ago and it looks to be very nice. I have yet to take razor saw in hand to begin the conversion but the quality of the moldings is excellent with very clear instructions. Rich S.
  12. Hi Manu, As soon as I reread your initial post I realized that my response did not provide the information that you were seeking. I am pretty much in the stone age on digital photography so I am not able to be of much assistance but fortunately Mr. Metz stepped into the breech and got the instruction sheet photos to you. Cheers, Rich S.
  13. I ordered one of the A6M2-N sets from their web site and received it a couple of weeks ago. There is no picture of the set but it is listed on the site and can be ordered. It looks great but I haven't done much in the way of dry fitting yet. Rich S.
  14. Very much looking forward to this kit, hope that a B5N is in the not too distant future. Any idea on the markings that will be in the Val kit? Rich S.
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