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Revell Ju 88C-2


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as the title says....

allthough i wanted to concentrate on modern jets (i started the A7), i just had to have the JU 88, my all time favorite WW II plane. but never being happy with a stock kit i want to convert it to a C2, an all black bird from NJG 2 in Gilze-Rijen October 1941. Code R4+KL it was flown by Leutnant Alfons Köster. I have two pics of the fin with 11 kill marks on both sides. in a very short time there are three versions of markings: they subsequently blackened out everything except the K and the killmarks. i allso assume the cross on the top of the wings stayed in place. any pics would be appreciated.


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converting the A-1 to a C2 ist just a matter of sticking a solid nose on and painting the thing black.

the good thing is you can keep the A-1 wings (according to guttorm, his C2 is a converted A-1 after the factory tag that is on it), the C4 had the later A-4 wingtips

but as far as i could find out, asside from the cockpit interior (a big can of worms opened here) this has to be changed:

1) the front part of the gondola had the bombsight removed and a different fairing but still no weapons and the rear firing MG 15 in place

2) the MG 15 was removed from the front windshield, i have a drawing that has it in place, so maybe the removal was a later update

3) were the divebrakes removed? some were some werent, depends on the timeframe, i have seen a C4 with divebrakes

4) the starboard window behind the nose was changed to a panel with three coolingvents for the MG 17s

5) below the cockpit on the stbd side there was a little hatch for flares and an outlet for the signal pistol

6) the other two little windows on the bottom and the port side, behind the nose all stayed in place (different to the C4 and later versions)

7) there was a single slot for cartridge ejection beside the gondola on the bottom

8) flame dampeners were fitted

9) on some planes there was a field fitted armorplate between nose an windshield, visible from the outside (the front guns fired through another armorplate fitted vertically in front of the pilot)


it is very difficult to tell a C2 from an C4 when you dont see the gondola or the wingtips. additionaly there were modifications done throughout the servicelife of the planes which further confuses the matter


the pic shows the AIMS nose i just got and had to trial fit


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"Die Deutsche Luftwaffe. Eine Bilddokumentation der Luftwaffe von 1935-1945, Zerstoerer- und Nachtjagdverbaende Teil 2" by Michael Meyer and Paul Stipdonk & published by VDM Heinz Nickel ISBN 978-3-86619-015-3 has hundreds of photos of all sorts of nightfighters of NJG 2, 3 & 4 including the Ju 88C-2. Priced around 25 Euros I think it is a bargain. The book is completely bilingual; German/English.


Luftfahrtverlag Hafner sells on the internet the Ju 88C-6 armament handbook on CD-rom for around 15 Euros. It has many useful shots of the forward firing armament including cockpit shots.


Hope this helps



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i will check on the C2 and see what ours had on guns.. and i will take osme of the promised pics on saturday as i am planning to work all saturday in the hall where the C2 is stored :ph34r: its not that much left of it but it will give you some good ideas of some upgrades from A1

and also some differences :lol:




where did you get that nose ? did you make it yourself ?

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as for the guns: they all had three MG 17s in the nose and eiter a MG FF or MG 151 (/20 i assume), whereas the 151s barrel protruded far out of the nose, its just a lot longer than the FF. no gondola weapons.

i still havent seen a closeup of the front part of the gondola, it looks differnt to the C4 and later models, its doesnt seem to have the prominent bulge in the middle. i dont know what that bulge was, but on my cutaway it seems the be the ammochute? (drawing by michael merker©)

cant wait to see pics of yours, guttorm :ph34r:


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