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academy F-18A+ conversion


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hi guys

i have a new project. after finishing the tomcat i kinda didnt know what to start next...

so i viewed my stash and there was the F-18C kit i heard so much good about. i have never built an F-18 and never an academy kit, but had to do at least a little conversion: i got the blackbox cockpit and fuselage conversion, the eduard exterior, the twobobs patriot hornet sheet and the CE seamless intakes


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i choose this paintsheme because the plane was also part of CVW-3 in april of 2003 on the Truman, just like my tomcat, so they can be displayed together later

first i trial fitted the cockpit. this time i wont do the seat at first, because it always lays around untill final assembly and little parts break off


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I did that conversion last year - using hr same decals - you're in for an intresting journey - the Academy hornet is a great kit , but there are things that need to be watched .. contact me via a PM for a full run down!


Great work so far tho!

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fuselage halves were joined after numerous trialfittings

the blackbox tub sidewalls have sills, that i ended up removing. i scraped the kit sills thinner from the inside

here you see the whole assembly with the instrument panel (lower part with pedals blackbox, upper part from the kit, still without the clear parts)

cracks between the rear decking and the fuselage have to be filled later


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one thing that really held up this project was the seamless intakes

if you replace the kitparts with the CE parts there is no way of mounting them, the just hang in the air :blink: i ended up doing the intake/engine assembly first


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Loooking good Black betty,

Build the same kit and decals, carefull with the flag on the airbrake

Don't know if you already painted the reardecking of the pit but it should be mattblack.



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