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  1. I'm predominantly an acrylics thinned with either rubbing alcohol or Tamiya thinner kind of guy. I used to be a Model Master enamels thinned with lacquer thinner kind of guy. I made the switch a few years ago due to reduced smell. Acrylics took some getting used to, and some practice to get a smooth finish, but I get along well with them now. I have a large stash of Gunze acrylics, but I can't get them locally anymore, so, I guess once they're gone, they're gone. I also have a large stash of Tamiya acrylic that I can get locally. Citadel rounds out the acrylic collection, but mostly just their metallic shades. I still shoot an enamel finish from time to time, but use Model Master enamel thinner instead of lacquer thinner. Even then, this is reserved for nights when my wife is out. I'm very fortunate to have a hobby shop nearby that carries a decent selection of model paints, so I choose to support the local guy. If he goes off his meds and starts stocking nothing but paint by number paint, I guess I'll have to make the switch as well.
  2. Thanks folks, I'm having fun with it. Still debating whether to Friul or not, having never done a set of Magic Tracks yet.
  3. Have been working on this one for about a month now. Nice kit with good detail, but way too many fiddly bits. Very close to being at the painting stage. Most of the various sub-assemblies: Quick mock-up: Detail shot of the interior, which can be viewed through the hatch, or if you leave the top-plate unglued: Time to strap on the respirator and fire up the compressor........
  4. You can't stop until you're ready Kevin. You're not putting it off.......you're just not ready............yet. I'm about to start my 16th week of being ready. Today, I'm not smoking.
  5. Still smoke free here. I think I'm starting week 13. Stopped using the vapour stick about a week ago, so it's nothing but willpower from this point forward. I can proudly say that I haven't had a single cheat. I can also say that if I allowed myself just one, I'd be right back to full habit smoking within a week. Today, I'm not smoking.
  6. Thanks for the words of encouragement folks. Harv, it does get easier with time, even with the odd cheat. Just make them the exception rather than the rule. I speak from experience, as I started up again after a year saying "one won't kill me". Within a week, it was like I never quit. I figure I've got 22 years experience of smoking, so I know it's going to be a long road to travel. But the destination is worthwhile. (man does it ever suck typing responses on an iPhone)
  7. I'm half way through week 9 without a smoke. No patch on my arm anymore, but I still carry an Evo non-nic vapour stick with me. Usually need to take a drag on the vapour stick about once, maybe twice a day. Drive home from the office is still a killer craving session, but a bottle of water keeps me from road rage. I find it odd that 9 weeks later, I still crave the act of smoking, and the punch in the lung I got off the first drag. Maybe I'll always want one, maybe not. Today, I'm not smoking.
  8. Watching with interest Ron. It is this boxing that I chose to be my very first WnW purchase, plus the Fighting Fokkers Part 2 decals to go with it. They are currently in transit as I type.
  9. For me it was a trip to the LHS to pick up a 1/35 Dragon Stug III w. Zimmerit that I had ordered, but a Dragon Me109E-3 also found its was into my cart, as did a set of Eduard Luftwaffe belts, and a gravity fed Neo for Iwata airbrush.
  10. After 20 some odd years of smoking, I flushed my cigarettes down the toilet just under 6 weeks ago (Nov 19th to be precise). I'm using the patch to control the nicotine cravings, and one of those electronic cigarettes (non-nicotine vapour stick) to control the hand/mouth aspects. Overall, I feel pretty good. I still have days where I think I want a smoke. I probably always will. I still have to make a conscious decision each day that I will not smoke today. This is my second serious attempt at quitting. The first was eight years ago when I found out my wife was pregnant. She walkd away from her bad habits, and I walked away from mine. Back then, I lasted a little over a year before I said to myself "one won't kill me" and lit up again.
  11. Nicely done Ron, but geez, take more than a week to build a kit. You're making the rest of us look bad. All joking aside, I'm having a hell of a time deciding which kit to pick up.
  12. Thank you, that was exactly the kind of info I was looking for.
  13. I see that Pavla is pretty much the only game in town if I want to spruce up the cockpit in the Mig-21F-13. Anyone out there have the set, and can comment on casting quality, detail, and fit to kit fuselage? Thanks much, Kevin
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