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  1. Great looking jug! Love the checkerboard cowl. Are those kit decals? Jon
  2. http://www.shapeways.com/sell/open-a-shop?li=footer Start your own shop. See link above. You provide the 3D model and shapeways sells it for you, prints and ships to your customer. The profits are then deposited into your paypal account. Jon
  3. Glen, Then on to the P-51H then.... Mustangs sell like so many hot cakes! Jon
  4. Fantastic work Loic. Always a treat to see your work. Jon
  5. Loic, Don't forget Pi... You can still build your corrogations flat and then insert rolled up. Dia of scale afterburner X 3.14 divided by 30 corrogations. Yes? Jon
  6. Sweet looking Cobra! Very much looking forward to your P-51H one day Thanks for the great looking kits.
  7. Now you can make a USS Tang rescue diorama With an overloaded Kingfisher.
  8. Very nice version of the F4U. Simple scheme of historical significance very well done. Bravo!
  9. Mine came today also Kevin. Merry Christmas and thanks very generous. Love the Osprey Aircraft of the Aces series. Jon
  10. Great looking set Loic! Really completes the Tamiya kit! Jon
  11. Dennis, Very nice Tiffie! I very much like the bubble top rocket Typhoons and that looks sweet. Been wanting to convert the Revell to a bubble top. Wish I could afford an MDC kit though. Very very nice, Jon
  12. I will bet the post man did this.....
  13. Yes the 1/32 F105 in Hobbycraft boxing seems a scarce kit as well. The F4U-1D was a trumpeter kit in a hobbycraft boxing too. Jon
  14. Well that explains it then. I waited too long it seems for the P51A and the Sea Fury. Hopefully the molds will be utilized by someone in the future. Jon
  15. Are these Hobbycraft kits out of production? 1/32 P51A 1/32 A36A 1/32 Sea Fury Have not seen these around in a while, so just wondering if they were still in production or just lousy distribution. Thanks Jon
  16. fastzx


    I was thinking that a twin similar to the B25 would be in the works. Such plane as the Martin B26 Marauder. A very fine looking plane in my book. Quite a few nice nose art images to apply to this one too. Jon
  17. Beauty of a kit. Sweet looking build too. Jon
  18. Five times the fun! It really turned out much greater than just the sum of parts. Cool! Jon
  19. http://youtu.be/9_V7mY2ubVw
  20. 487mph 44,600 ft ceiling 1,100 lbs lighter than the D. Impressive specs. It was the Hot rod of Mustangs! Jon
  21. Glen, As a boy I grew up in Hamilton, Ohio. Very near to the Hamilton airport locally owned by the Hogan brothers. It was a small and uncontrolled airport where my grandfather kept his private plan and I first took flying lessons. Bill Hogan owned and regularly flew a P-51H 44-64314 or 44-64415. I will always remember the day that plane dove on the culdesac street I lived on and pulled up at treetop level out of a screaming power dive. It was silver. Very rare plane. Very low production of the H model mustangs. From what my grandfather told me they cost around $4,000 dollars way back then!! It made quite an impression on this at the time 7 year old!! The Mustang has always been my favorite ever since. I was building model cars on the porch with a neighbor when I stepped out and had that Mustang life experience. Wow. Jon
  22. http://www.ginterbooks.com/AIRFORCE/AF209.htm Here is a start. Jon
  23. John, I was just reading JG26 Top Guns of the Luftwaffe. If that is a bf109F then only Adolf Galland had an up-gunned bf109F (one of 3 specials). Only one of these 3 had standard nose MG 151/20, two MG 17s in cowl and "was the only F-model to carry (internal) wing armament into combat". Pages 96-97. Those were drum fed 20mm for the BF109F 2/U. Jon
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