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  1. Thank you for the pics. Beautiful work!
  2. Any chance you could post a pic from the front of the intake, looking inwards? I'd like to see how the Zactomodels intake blends in with the kit's intake trunking. Also, a pic from the top would be good ( I'm interested in how the resin & plastic join together and how seamless they are.) Thank you .
  3. An alternative would be to embed tiny magnets on the engine covers so that they could be opened and closed, as and whenever you feel like it. Some modelers are already doing that for weapons pylons so that they could "mix & match" whatever load they want on their kits. See Haneto's post #9: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235036769-gwh-148-su-35sk-flanker-e-plaaf-6th-brigade/ Some of these magnets are as small as 1mm and can be found on Ebay. As an aside, ...since I don't have the ZM kit....how good are the clear fuselage parts? I don't see
  4. Wow, that camera bay is awesome! Could I ask what you are using as a reference for the bays? I've been searching & searching for internal shots of the RF-8 camera bays but haven't been successful. Thank you :cheers:
  5. Ben, those are awesome! Good detailed work! Thanks for posting them.
  6. I understand & support your decision, Eric. You're doing great work so far Actually, it seems to be quite difficult to find pictures of the interior of the RF-8 camera bays. I have seen pictures of the cameras on the internet but I have no idea how they are mounted. These are the pictures that I have seen: Cameras: https://modelingmadness.com/review/viet/us/attardrf8b.jpg The viewfinder in the nose: http://www.vfp62.com/IMAGES_3/F8U-1P_viewfinder.jpg but I cannot find anything that shows how the cameras were actually mounted insid
  7. Just curious, how do you plan to add the cameras since you have closed up the fuselage?
  8. Just out of curiosity, is the A-4K Kahu nose different from the standard A-4E nose? Don't know if my eyes are playing tricks on me or perhaps it was the lighting but when I look at photos of the A-4K, it seems slightly different from the standard A-4E but I can't quite put my finger on it. To me, the A-4K nose looks almost like the modern Argentinian A-4AR Fighting Hawk nose. IIRC, they both used the similar-to-F-16 radar (?). Can one just use the standard A-4E kit without modifying the nose?
  9. Hi, Did you spray this straight from the can or was it airbrushed on? I have a can of this stuff but am worried that the lack of control over the can's pressure may wipe out some delicate panel lines. Thank you in advance.
  10. Paul, thanks so much for taking the time & effort to write that fantastic article. It's most helpful, sir
  11. Paul, I have a technical question regarding the windshield+canopy: From my earlier wandering into your website, I noticed your master for the windshield/canopy had some sort of shiny/polished White paint / coating (?) on it. Could I ask what that is? Actually, would you mind sharing how you made the windshield/canopy Master so smooth? I'm trying to create my own spare vacuform canopies but I never seem to able to get the master smooth enough. Thanks for any advice.
  12. I really appreciate you showing these in-progress shots. It helps us learn more about the process of resin casting & silicone molding. Thank you!
  13. Soooo......any updates?
  14. I really appreciate these "how-it-was-done" in-progress pictures of your resin casting. It's like watching a movie and the story starts to slowly reveal itself. Great work!
  15. Oh, so it's a 2-part mold. Do you cast in a pressure pot? Because the details look fantastic! Thanks in advance.
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