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  1. Hum, it seems I'm publishing too many pics in one post, so here's the continuation
  2. Hello gang, I'm a slow builder, with a heavy trend to dipsersion .... Some 10 years ago, on this very forum, I was enquiring about the needed mods to make an UK F-4J. Iain was even so kind as offering me a SUU-23 gun pod .... This project was the in fact the restoration of my first 1/32 build the Tamiya F-4J, with Marines markings, straight from the box. Initial build was in 2000. And then she became one of my most endurent shelve of doom queen. Untill some weeks ago. Being between 2 contracts, I have some time available to me, so I went on again. Here's the whole thingy
  3. Hi Mister Red baron, Your usual standard of weathering, this is a nice Cat, like it much Best, Stef (#6)
  4. Hello Richard, There were various size of roundels for the period and it changed according to plane. Indeed, for the Seafire XV some Hellcat one might do the trick, but not the Bearcat ones (these were not used by Navy and don't have the anchors on it). One thing to know a bout french Seafire XV is that they had the A frame arrestor hook, not the stinger type. For the Seafire III, some british inspired roundels were used W/ or W/O anchors and/or Yellow outside ring. As soon as you will be fixed on a scheme I can double check with two books I have about french Spitfires and Se
  5. Hello, Here are a few pics of the Bloch 152, by Azur. A nice kit, indeed, spot on with reference drawings (in the Bloch 152 bible, a book by "Avions"). Resin details for the engione cylinders, engine cowl, exhaust and gunsight, as well as for the seat (which is a miss, it normally has a tubular framing ...). Cockpit is sparse, but can do OOB. Two sets of markings, not very spectacular, for Battle of France machines (no Vichy stripes - will certainly come in a futur boxing). Recessed panel lines, with a few rivets (discreet, not Trumpy like) here are the pics ... HTH Che
  6. Hello Greg, Well, you've been very, very further on that kit than I did on the 205 ... That's really a nice job, both in painting and detailing. Which is proof that with a little (well, not so little ) care, these kits can make eye-catchers, for sure. Lovely work, indeed. Stef (#6)
  7. Hello Brian, Glad you like ! Re the trailing edge, I've been sanding the whole airframe the panel lines, so it gives you a fair idea of the overall thickness .... It certainly could have used more thinning, tough, sure. Cheers S(#6)
  8. Hello, As for the Dora in Sov. markings, I have a problem with doing WWII german markings, it has to do with my family history; I do however Japanese, Italian, Soviet and so on. More I'm not very fond of german AC of the period except for Fw 190/D9/Ta152, Do 335 and Me262. For instance, I don't like the 109 (Now running for cover, to avoid incomings :( ), but I certainly find the camo schemes attracting and enjoyable to realize. Now, thanks again for the kind words. Cheers Stef (#6)
  9. Hello guys, Thanks a lot for the kind words, again; for Spad57 : there must be my Ki-84, 1:32 somewhere else on the forum and a 190 D9 If you don't find it, here are some links : D9 Ki-84 and a small Polikarpov I-16, but for this one, I didn't make a gallery, so you'll have to browse the pics ... I-16 and by browsing the root directory, you'll find some pics of my 1/48 builds, too. And for Allok, Ron and Hacker, well I guess that the painting is what catches the eyes, most, so I'm working hard to try making it look good. The mottling was done twice, as it wasn'
  10. Hello, it sure helps All right then with that option; but in this case the scheme of the 18-1 still retain the 205 spinner. I can't tell for the other options in the kit. It always interesting to dig in the plane history to find the variants. Thanks for the input Cheers Stef (#6)
  11. Hello, Thanks for the good word, Kevin, Well, re the panel lines, these are very trench like and wide, so being used to Hasegawa, Tamiya or Special Hobby fine lines, I wanted to subdue these a bit. Lines in front of cockpit were just sanded, not filled, it gives you an idea of their look. However, keeping that kit in perspective, it is a toy, and indeed can be built with original panel lines, spinner and screw covers. It is not an easy build, tough due to large seams to be treated. But it gives you in the end a 3 feet away kit nice in a collection Cheers Stef (#6)
  12. Hello, long time I didn't post a completed model here, but I've been producing (well, producing, just 2, that is ) 1/48 essentially these past months. Anyway, I did manage too produce that Macchi, and I post it here as an illustration of the answer I just made in the General discussion; Mostly OOB, except the following : - Panel lines filled with surfacer and sanded vigourously and for a loooong time - Prop an spinners molded from the PCM kit - a tad smaller in dia than the kit front's mainframe, had a plasticard disk and putty added to match - On that scheme, upper wing
  13. Hello, I've recently been completing the 21st Century 205, and tried the PCM kit wheels; but, as this kit had already worn out my patience stock, I didn't made the mod' as it implies remaking a new holding fork, cause PCM wheels are wider in diameter, but also thicker. So I went for the kit's wheel; one more thing, I don't know if it was my kit only, but my kit had a 202 prop and spinner, as well as 202 tailwheel installation. For the prop and spinner, I made a resin copy of the PCM kit ones, while I just ignored the tail wheel installation. HTH Cheers Stef (#6)
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