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  1. Thoughts to you all from here. I sincerely hope things turn around for Janie.
  2. Great find. Certainly some panel variation going on there.
  3. Happy new year Brian. Again superb work going into making this a blinding build. Keep fighting the good fight.
  4. Keep up the great work, its exceptional.
  5. Well that's an absolute stunner and something to aim towards! Congratulations on such a wonderful build.
  6. Thanks again Kev for running this always great event @themongoose Kitt will be got off to you tomorrow morning all being well. Congrats to all the winners.
  7. brilliant work as usual Aigore. This will be a stunner when finished.
  8. Has Derek B seen this company? loads of Greek Aircraft, probably right up his alley.
  9. First one so very nearly across the line! that is the same scheme I will be going with. Superlative work matey you should be suitably proud.!
  10. That IS a difference. i'm not certain what's gone on there but i've checked mine again and its pretty much bob on. i don't know too much about resin casting but I do know moulds wear out and resin shrinks. that could be the only possible explanation. Might be worth sending those photos to Jetmads as I cant imagine their quality control would be that far out.
  11. Yet again, thanks for running this. Throw me in as a donor only with a Kitty Hawk T28C Trojan. Good luck everyone.
  12. can you pop a photo up to show the problem?
  13. Now you see, this is beginning to look like the stunning build that it was always going to be. Great to see it back in the workshop. You're obviously nearly across the finish line so keep up the good work it will all be worth it!!!
  14. Those pistons and crank details are insane! quite why you would need that extent of detail unless of course someone is doing a full museum cutaway, then its a waste IMHO. I'm currently building the HK kit and they dedicate all of the space inside the front engine to perfectly fitting nose weights where the ZM despite its level of engineering leaves the weight issue to the builder. Strange.
  15. FINALLY got my copy so once i've finished my DO 335 i'm away with this one. so glad to say it arrived intact. looking at the amount of sanding going on its a chore but you just know it will be worth it! IMHO polish and dip is the way forward with Resin canopies. It made a world of difference with the FW 189 and all that glass.
  16. Not seen one of these kits for YEARS. this will be interesting. probably the definitive rendition of the lightning in 32nd!
  17. damn you Vince, i've just packed mine back away, you forced me to take it out for another look.... Offering the relevant parts up to each other, it doesn't look like I have any issues other than a small amount of cleanup from the casting process. It looks like it should pop together without too much faff. On another note, despite a puncture hole in the bottom and side of the box, im glad to say, its all arrived safely, wingtips, ladder and towbar.
  18. Well butter my parsnips! its arrived! damn my impatience!
  19. apparently after laying dormant in some corner of a warehouse, its now moved to another warehouse at Heathrow Airport...... things are looking up possibly....
  20. outstanding work as usual....... still I wait on my copy
  21. Emailed Jetmads and they assure me this is nothing unusual and that everything is OK and just to be patient. They further assured me that they will be monitoring from their end which they apparently do with all dispatches All good things come to those who wait........... I suppose!
  22. Todays lovely message.... It doesn't bode well. TURKEY, INTERNATIONAL MAIL/CARGO OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT. İSTANBUL(AVR)-ARNAVUTKÖY, Buyer Center Opened the Bag
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