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  1. Very nice! I haven't seen many of these built up. Kent
  2. What brand paint is that Jeff? It turned out very nice! Kent
  3. Welcome back with this build Radu! Love it. Having built the K and having had installed the wing center section as per the instructions, may I ask what advantage is there with your method? Looks intriguing. Kent
  4. Can I give you my money now? Please?!
  5. Take your time Ray. This is a much needed comparison. Part 1 was excellent! Kent
  6. Hey Radu! Just a note to let you know I'm still watching this build! I got my copy of the conversion out last night. I'll need this thread when I attempt to build mine.If that day ever comes...... Kent
  7. I'm sold! Where's my Visa card... The rivets look great. What is JB Weld? kent
  8. Vacformed clear parts definitely have their disadvantages. But I still prefer them over clear resin. I have far to many faulty resin clear parts in my resin kit collection. The 1/32 Ar 234 is just one example. John's vacs are beautifully done. Kent
  9. I want one John. I have a 5 section Ju 188 E-1 aircraft manual reprint. I can scan diagrams for you if you like. Kent
  10. I was interested because I'm familiar with Geoff's work. I liked the PDF options and the video features. I decided to purchase a one month trial. I changed my mind because I couldn't use the funds I had available in my PayPal account. That option is not available. Kent
  11. Lovely build Doug. And a pat on the back for the color choices. It's nice to see something different on the 109! Kent
  12. What? Who is Wing scale?! I've been off site due to the malware issue- I must have missed something! A 1/32 scale B-25J??!! Awesome! Kent
  13. I ordered an Albatros DVa and it came today, 7 days from New Zealand to Boise Idaho! It's my first WNW kit, it's everything I've heard it would be. The fabric effect is perfect! This will not be my last WNW kit!
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