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  1. Thanks. I'll check it out. Don't believe I'd have time to get ready though if I did enter it would be my D520 model...Hispano Susia engine made from an MDC DB605!
  2. Thanks all. I've actually been working on this for a while. Just posted the pics all at once. Waldron...really dates us Kev. In the days when Waldron was the only aftermarket detail set and 1/32 was Revell! Thinking that the diorama for this would be some US techs talking with French mechanics and pilots...might be looking at a crated spare Allison
  3. Thanks Matt. I don't know about the Silicon Valley Kickoff. What is it?
  4. other side. that's it for tonight. Weathering, shading and staining next.
  5. First coat. Beautiful scheme isn't it? French biege sable, khaki, ombre calcinee and vert fonce
  6. painted fin. I removed the "C" since it would actually have been an H81-A and I didn't have an A,
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