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  1. Kev, Thx for the link to the WIP thread. That is one very nice Peashooter, and would look just fine of the LSP build column!
  2. Thanks, guys. Not sure about what markings I'll apply. I'm interested in a Philippine pilot named Villamor who apparently brought down two Japanese a/c on one mission, one of them a Zero of all things: this guy was good. But I may have to paint the markings on as I have yet to find an aftermarket sheet with the Philippines insignia. The kit I have has them but they are really thick. Again,thinks for the leads!
  3. Hi, A friend recently send me the 1/32nd scale Hasegawa P-26. The kit, although about thirty years old, still gets pretty good reviews even now, so I'm starting to gather build information. Won't be for a while, but it's definitely on the radar. I note that the kit is not listed in the article column, so I assume that either no one has built the kit (not too likely) or hasn't posted a build result. I'd like to know if anyone has used the Lone Star resin cockpit for the -26, and how it all worked out. Any recommendation for a decent reference or two would also be welcome. TIA for any information. Cheers, Gary
  4. Hi, Draken35, I notice on your photo of the central underwing stub that you've redlined the area that fits into the fuselage bottom. Have you found that it needs to be thinned? My kit will need that work, as the fit is much too tight to simply slip together. Good luck with your build. It looks great so far! Cheers, Gary
  5. Hi, Copper State Models produces a sheet of 1/28th lozenge pattern camouflage, designed for the Fokker DVII. Now, it's slightly overscale, and you'd have to do a bit of "cut and paste" to fit it to your model, but it might be worth pursuing. Here's the link: http://www.amug.org/~copperst/details/28-d.../upperloz_1.jpg Hope this helps, and good luck with your build! Cheers, Gary
  6. Hi, Everyone, First off, thanks for all of the very kind comments. They're most appreciated! And yes, I hope to work up a build article for LSP in the not-too-distant future. Unfortunately, day work does occasionally get in the way of hobby interests! However, I'm always glad to answer any questions, so if you have any I'll answer them through this forum. For Koala: good luck with your build! The kit can be a smidge frustrating at times, but it does build up into a pretty impressive model. I'd recommend taking a look at a few reviews on the web: they point out the several small problems with fit and nomenclature. No big worries, but a read of these will keep the frustration level quite manageable! Cheers, Gary
  7. The prop is an aftermarket handcarved wooden item, available through Copper State Models. They're carved by Martin Digmayer in the Czech Republic, coming in various scales. I got a couple of these Axials, and a selection of 1/48th props for future builds. They are very good: highly polished to the point that, although super for direct application of decals, a light misting of Dullcote is needed just to take the edge off the shine: no biggie, and the effect is quite remarkable. I recommend these without reservation. Cheers, Gary
  8. Hello, Everyone, Here are a few photos of my 1/32nd Triplane, finished as the mount of Lothar von Richthofen, brother of Manfred. Aftermarket bits and pieces include Cutting Edge cowling and decals, Eduard PE, Digmayer propeller, Copper State prop boss assembly, Grandt Line rivets (wing stacking pads), and the odd scratchbuilt thingie. Streaking was a combination of a little airbrushing and a lot of handpainting. And yes, I am quite aware of the question/benign controversy as to how the upper wing's upper surface was finished: we'll save that topic for a good dinner and a cold beer! Best to All! Gary
  9. Hi, BLack 9, Just picked up on this thread: really nice work so far. Please keep the photos coming: I might try another one of these. Or maybe not...!<G> Cheers! Gary
  10. Gary

    TorCan 2008

    Hi, Hacker, I've taken the TORCAN link and passed it to all of the IPMS Canada Chapters for their information. Cheers, Gary IPMS Canada Chapter Liaison
  11. Hi, Barney, Thanks for the lead. Sorry to be so long in getting back to you, but "it's that time of year!" I wouldn't mind doing up a CDN version of the TM, but with several projects on the books it will be a while. I'll keep your page bookmarked for as and when I get to the kit. Thanks again, and have a Happy New Year! Cheers, Gary
  12. I have to second the vote for Weldbond. I use it for almost anything other than gluing plastic. Thin it or use it full strength, depending on what you want to do. It fills small seams, tacks parts in place, attaches stretched sprue rigging, forms small "lumps and bumps" on airframes, and the list goes on. More expensive than ordinary white glue, but not by much, and its usefulness more than makes up for the price difference. Hope this helps, and have a Great New Year! GB
  13. Hi, Astro, I kind of thought that it was the same kit, but it's nice to get a second opinion. If I bought one, it would be about eleventh in line after ten projects already teed up. Thanks for your input! Cheers, Gary
  14. Hi, I think that the key here is to use a primer in addition to giving the surfaces a good washing (which you have done). I use a thinned coat of Mr.Surfacer 1000 (1:1 mix of Surfacer and the Mr. Color thinner). So far, the two resin kits I've played with (1/72nd scale) have responded well to painting/masking/decalling. Good luck with your project! Cheers, Gary
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