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  1. With Uschi Elastic Rigging Thread it was simple. I made two springs from brass wire 0,3mm(reinforced by some CA glue) and connect them with the Uschi’s rigging (I used fine size (0,3mm) of the rigging, but now It seems to me that standard size (0,5mm) could be more appropriate. I still have doubts about how wires should be connected to the central spring. On some examples (my case) I see that they are all going to the spring (small and big V). In some examples I saw that they are connected like W (only wing wires are going through the spring when fuselage wires are straight connected to win
  2. Quang thank you. Shame on me, fortunately easy to fix. Let’s assume that it was maintenance team joke for pilot
  3. R Palimaka, in my personal opinion the IBG’s model and its engineering is very supportive to achieve a very good effect in short time, even for guys as me who are new in 1/32 scale. There are only few thing’s requiring correction. The biggest challenge for me was figuring out what type of wings were used on Skalski’s plane ( with or without MGs, how many bomb racks were installed etc.) Fortunately the Krzysztof Sikora article (in Polish) in www.minireplika.pl gave me a lot of answers: https://www.minireplika.pl/index.php/29-uzupelnienia-korekty/143-p-11c-stanislawa-skalskiego
  4. Lt Stanisław Skalski when he served in the 142nd Fighter Squadron in Toruń (1938/39). Skalski during the WW2 became the top Polish fighter ace of the war and the first Allied fighter ace of the war.
  5. Jniewiad, I used only part of the Maxi Masks for the insignia. Wibault’s plates on the wings were the biggest challenge for me and the masks (especially narrow red borders of the insignia). Due to the small surface of the masks they were not able to stick to the wings. Additionally, it seems to me that bottom wings insignias are little bit too big. For the squadron number, emblem etc. some Techmod’s decals were used. I am really impressed of the quality of the decals.
  6. Thomas there are some 3-rd party addons: BitsKrieg (resin spinner, oil cooler) Yahu’s instrument panels and Master- Model metal parts: MG barrels, gunsight and Venturi’s tube.
  7. I have no problems with landing gear at all. I have even noticed that photoeched parts (PE 17) when installed properly works as shock absorber (damper) in real plane and preventing spreading the legs
  8. Mozart, it was intended and described in the PAF painting instructions as “...to confuse process of aiming by the enemy fighters”. By the way, thank you for good words about the model.
  9. P.11c -142 Fighter Sqdn, pilot Stanisław Skalski.
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