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  1. I'm incomplete Ki-61 II KAI-missing the entire canopy and it took long enough to get it. Otherwise, I can confirm Alck's health problems in the family with a relative (Alzheimer). Its biggest weakness is communication via Outlook. I also bought decals for the KI-61 Tei, I do not have them today Sorry for the off topic
  2. Unfortunately I have experience, but after I complained about paypal, I got what I paid for. But it took half a year conversion to the early versions of Oscar would be greatly appreciated
  3. A year ago at Eday promised this year and Fiat G.55 in July 2019 they told me they were still working on the Whirlwind
  4. It seems that I will be very happy for my three pieces of Eduart P40N
  5. For shooting oblique cannon, was added in the windshield and a second sight, unfortunately in the picture it is not much to see. The father of this idea was 海軍 大佐 Kaigun Daisa (naval captain) Yasuna Kozonó. Kozonó loved the solution, the other pilots hated it
  6. Hi Thor, next was supposed to be Ki 100 Koh , but I have to relax from the Japanese aircraft so I'm working on Spitfire Mk.V.c RAAF
  7. thank you unfortunately from a small proximity is to recognize that the part is not as clear as the original
  8. Hasegawa ST32 homemade mask colours Gunze C Eduard interier photoetche homemade cast epoxy windscreen /it is not good to step on the clear sprue /
  9. what to try and the long tail of Hasegawa / Eduard p-40n ???? just such an idea I want to go this way, but there is no time yet
  10. Hi Lutz, For Ki-100 put half-hull together, align the cut-out for the cockpit and check the place where the engine is and when viewed from above behind it is perpendicular to the dividing plane of the hull .... there is a mistake and also another hull length I do not know whether to understand the picture all explain But the conversions are going, it's not such a scary.
  11. Unfortunately, as in the case of another 1/32 Alley Cats conversion, each half of the hull is otherwise long, the difference is 2.5mm. It must stick together, extend one half of the hull at the propeller spinner. Also, fuselage wing connection is not ideal
  12. Hasegawa Ki-61 1/32 Alley Cats conversion cockpit photoetche Brengun exhaust Quickbost colors Gunze C
  13. The P-40N Eduard is special. It contains everything you need for variants E, M, N1 / N5 of course, except for decals. Two months ago, Edward sold them out for a half price. Now he is preparing his version of the P-40E, which will allegedly include sprue for the "K" version with a typical wide rudder. "K" can no longer be found for a long time and I think it is very rare. As usual, Eduard will also sell sprue in the Overtrees edition. Eduard P-40 N i E are Hasegawa sprue
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