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  1. I've got one of the above. Revell Japan, all text in Japanese, but it includes a coloring guide for five or six Sentai schemes done so well that I'm thinking about getting a cheap frame to display it!
  2. Try also looking for literature on IJN Trainers as well as it's common nickname "Akatonbo/Akatombo" (red dragonfly). Being a biplane trainer their cockpits lacked a lot of advanced features. I just yesterday finished the Entex-branded kit (same as Nitro/Doyusha but with both wheels and floats for variants as well as including wire for rigging.) First biplane I ever made, modified it with a bomb and marked to look like the kamikaze that sunk USS Callaghan.
  3. About a year ago I bought a Ki-100 "razorback" set. The excitement died as soon as I saw how misshapen the fuselage was. I know my anecdote shouldn't represent all Alley Cat models, but it immediately killed my desire to get the Ki-61-II.
  4. I'd think they would release an N1K1 sooner than a new Oscar. As optimistic as people seem a new one will be coming, I'm convinced Hasegawa feels like people will buy buy buy the old Ki-43 anyway as though nobody actually cares about the Hayabusa.
  5. What's the difference between the Montes and Alley Cat Yaks? Superficially, they look the same to me.
  6. It is a fact that IJAAF aircraft are my favorite! A decade ago, there was the UMI backdate conversion from the usual Ki-43-II to -I kits, but a decade ago I wasn't a modeler . Since the loss of Dave, there certainly aren't any new UMI kits of his. Are there any new conversion kits being made or planned that I'm unaware of? The last discussion seemed to indicate even the possibility of using an existing one of Dave's kits to "reverse engineer" a new mold. What's the word? I'm essentially reviving the conversation since it hasn't gotten any major attention for a couple years.
  7. It's always surprised me that Zvezda doesn't expand their... patriotism...to 1/32 aircraft.
  8. Thanks for the welcome! I'm new to modeling forums in general and decided to become part of a conversation rather than just browsing.
  9. A shame they never finished the Val. I guess you learn something new everyday! Never even had heard of that Messerschmitt kit.
  10. I pray to Stalin every day that I might be fortunate enough to find one on my own! Lucky! And I'm probably the weirdo for liking the LaGG so much, but it just looks so Soviet.
  11. G'day! I recently ordered the Revell/Lodela Bristol Beaufighter kit with the conversion parts to the Mk. VIF or the Mk. TF.X, and I got to thinking about if there are any good must-have reference books for the Beaufighter, especially in Australian service in the Pacific. I've only recently gotten into British aircraft since a Hurricane Mk. IIB, and my knowledge of them is relatively lacking.
  12. How come, as far as Soviet aircraft go, there seems to be little enthusiasm on the part of injection styrene kit companies to produce early to mid-war aircraft, i.e. the Yak-1, LaGG-3 and La-5? While there are plenty of Polikarpovs and Trumpeter's MiG-3 on one end of the spectrum as well as the Yak-3 from Special Hobby for the other, I find it strange that the only option to build the "Wooden Savior of Stalingrad" is the mythically uncommon Craft Works resin kit. I laud the more recent Il-2s, but surely there is a market for 1/32 aircraft around 1941-42!
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