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  1. Surprisingly it goes well even though the conversion set is designed for Tamiya. The biggest modifications are at the end of the fuselage where the new fuselage end is placed. The fuselage is modified here and the place for gluing the elevator must be adjusted / a saw, instant glue and putty are enough for that /. My biggest recommendation is one: Stick the auxiliary floats on the model as the last thing. When handling the model, I broke them many times. After that, I cast new float holders reinforced with wire with a diameter of 1.5 mm. The angle of the wings, which is small for T
  2. Hey Brian, Oh beach dolly-it was horror. Although it was straight, but when repairing the master they turned the main wheel holder down, instead of up. I wrote to the MDC, they promised to send me a new one, I waited two months and didn't send anything. So I cut off the whole front part and glued it upside down, and I dolly reinforced the Evergreen profile. Without the dolly reinforcement, the model will not bear. Then I'll give my money to someone else, I'm very disappointed with MDC's approach to customers I watch and watch the beach dolly, I think o
  3. Very old 1974 TOMY kit plus MDC conversion color AK Real color , Gunze C, Yahu Instrument panel homemade mask - drawn in corel draw, mask which was edited and carved on plotter by my friend Pavel Shortland floatplane base, Solomons Islands, February 1943, flown by Lt. Keizo Yamazaki
  4. Excellent job....nice weathering
  5. The middle part of the canopy has to be sanded a lot from the inside or made new, unfortunately the one in the kit is too thick. Here is a picture of a small window
  6. A beautiful cockpit from which nothing will be seen in the end. Will you make a new middle part canopy? And I recommend making transparent windows in the fuselage to check the ammunition boxes .... I forgot about it myself
  7. Spitfire Mk.V.C RAAF 457 Sqn. F/O ‘Bush’ Hamilton Revell Mk.II 1/32 conversion set Mk V.C. Real Model /here in the forum Miloslav 1956/ Montex mask, wheels Eduard, exhausts Quickboost filter Vokes Spitfire Hasegawa, colors Gunze C Guns barrels RB Production
  8. Eduard 1/32 P-40N contains parts for E, M, N and also Overtrres P-40N
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