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  1. 15 hours ago, ScottsGT said:

    Let me throw this question out there.  Since it is a conversion of the same subject to fit the same kit, just how is one supposed to make it “different” than yours?  Not trying to take sides here, but the F-5A is an F-5A.  I see several differences in what appears to be the tabs on the air brake doors? as well.  I also see similarities like the intakes laid out the same in casting form. 
    Have you ordered a set and put digital calipers on them to verify?  This might be a dead giveaway. Or try swapping around your parts for their parts to see if they mate up?

    Years ago I remember a thread coming up about Rhino and DMold Phantom intakes were the same.  I ordered both sets and did a test fit.  To the naked eye, they looked identical. But I could see the difference once I started fitting them to the plastic parts. 

    Very good point. I also remember the whole intake scandal. I guess you’re not allowed to produce a correct conversion of something if someone else does one. 

  2. 5 minutes ago, Eagle Driver said:

    Last couple years they did, but it was 200 sales or 20 000USD.

    Now anything over 600 get reported.

    It will most likely get worse.

    IMHO crypto will be the only way out of this.

    In the end we are going to get screwed over. But let’s hear no evil, speak no evil, and see no evil because you might offend someone.

  3. On 12/5/2021 at 9:50 PM, John1 said:

    Thanks Peter!


    Making progress on the intakes.   Much sanding, followed by putty, followed by more sanding.  In the end, they came out "ok" and save me a decent amount of $, so it was worth it.  After completion, I painted the interior of the intakes a mix of flat white with a bit of Radome Tan and some grey.   Wanted to stay away from the shiny white look.   

    I'm still not done, going to add some localized staining and see how some grey pastels look.   Speaking of painting the interiors, these early F-4's had a non-spec application of camouflage paint inside the intakes.  The standard called for the first three feet of the interior to be painted the matching camo color to what was on the outside.   However, these early jets only had approximately the first 6 inches or so painted.   On later jets, almost the entire vari-ramp was camouflaged.   Forgot to mention in my last update but on these ramps, the section aft is covered with indentations, representing rivets.   On the real thing, these rivets are nearly invisible, so I applied a skim coat of putty and sanding the surface smooth. 


    Here's a nice example of the early intake paintwork.  Also note the bizarre looking external tank and its pylon.   Aside from that, this is actually one of better paint jobs on Wolfpack F-4C's during this time frame.  



    Here are my vari-ramps, still need to add some weathering and put a wash on the hinge areas.  






    The intake with the ramp dry-fitted.  Still need to add the pitot tubes.


    Hard to get a decent picture but it looks pretty good IMHO.


    While I was at it, I painted the area of the fuselage that would be covered by the ramps.   It would be pretty hard to paint this area once the intakes are glued in place. 



    That's it for now, thanks for checking in. 

    Damn nice job on those intakes!

  4. On 11/24/2021 at 6:33 AM, Dave Roof said:

    Working on the single mount adapter for the LAU-7 now. Hope to have something available by the end of the day.


    The single mount AERO-3B will be added to the line and uploaded to the web site within the next few hours.

    Any timeframe on when the AERO-3B will be ready for purchase?

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