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  1. I finally finnished my 1 of 2 A-1H Skyraider Trumpeter, so here are a few shots and this one I chose the SEA camouflage theme. The 2nd one, I pretend to paint in Navy gray color, it's much more simple and I hope that could go fast with it. This Trumpeter kit is cheaper than the ZM's one and less complicated, I had no real problems assembling the kit. All of my most-of-time doing is rescribe the rivets and panel lines. The origin is narrow and we don't see effectively the shading technique. I also scratched the cover for extraction system with tissue paper. The kit was painted with
  2. Exquisite color scheme and sublime photos. Thanks for sharing with us.
  3. Thank you for your information. Would you explain somes is RED and somes is not?
  4. Nicely build and wish you a good recovery.
  5. I get back to modelling with the old Trumpeter’s Su-27B. This kit stayed almost 4 years on the shelf with half work done. So I decided to finish it as soon as posible before I ruin all that I did before. It seems so hard to pull the trigger for my new enlisted project in 2019. This old kit nicely detailed fit well together but also presents some minor mould’s errors. Luckily, the decal sheet still in good condition and I have no problem to finish her. Su-27 is a big plane, compared to thoses from US like F/A-18F, F-15E, F-14s. It’s big, so it’s Russian. Here we go and I hope you,
  6. I feel great that you guys pass by and love this Scooter. I get the 1/32 Kittyhawk OV-10A "Bronco" at the hobby shop this morning... I consider whether should I stopped building the F-105G or starting this lovely Bronco. So hard to hesitate! I appreciate to share it with everyone, Kevin.
  7. This is my newest built, The Skyhawk A-4E 1/32 from Trumpeter. I built it straight from the box except the ejection seat added some putty AB. By the way, comparing to the A-7E's cockpit, this one look so small... The decal's quality is quite good as always. During the building, I don't get any major problems, the fitness is improved with this kit. I get a little bit disappointed with the nose gear in styrene but it's ok. Painting is always from Mr.Color laquer because we don't have a lot of choices. Hope you all love my little Skyhawk, best regards from Saigon-South Vie
  8. Another great Falcon again!!!!! Nice weathering Karim!!! :punk:
  9. Sublime!!!!!! very nice and perfect weathering Falcon in flight, I have a couple of modern aircrafts as Tamiya's F-15 and Trumpeter's Super Hornet. Your F-16 make me think again :doh:
  10. Hi everyone, Here's my newest finished model A-7E Corsair II from Trumpeter. I started up the building for around 1 year, mostly out-of-box except the seat that I added some putty AB to look realistic. The cockpit and seat-belts details are good. One thing I don't like is the shape of the fuel tank totally wrong, the intake duct is wrong too but acceptable. During the work, i didn't satisfy with the intake duct needing a lot of sanding and putty inside so I scratched the cover for it and the afterburner too, for hiding the gap and make the model look different. I'm happ
  11. Nice metal finishing Jack! It's done or need more post-shading layers? The tip of Putting decal on metal paint is so hard to keep the brighten finishing. Keep going up, I don't see often a VPAF's aircraf on 1/32!!
  12. Another fantastic Phantoms, Congrat!!! I have 2 version: C/D and J and no doubt about Tamiya quality. One day i'll join Phantom family for sure. Ha Pham.
  13. HI Joe, I'm building this kit too and yours is my reference. The same awesome weathering technique and just 1 word: IMPRESSED!! Ha.
  14. Very inspiring!!! One of my next-to-do kit . I really admirate your weathering skill. Congratulation Joe!!
  15. Really appreciate yours kind words, guys! Sure Kevin, it takes long time after my first build F-100D to see you guys again :frantic: Ha Pham.
  16. Somes pictures of my recently finished 1/32 F-8E Crusader. Personally, Trumpeter kit is not perfect and i wasn't quite happy but we have no choice... I built it straight from the box except somes of modification on the ejection seat. The kit provides a lot of weapons but unused as US Navy's flight during the Vietnam war so I chose 2 Sidewinders (2 others from spare parts). Painting was mainly from MrColor C315 Light Grey and C316 White after some layers of primer and pre-shading. Washing was always artist colors heavily diluated with White Spirit. One of my favorite birds ever and
  17. Incredible!!! I can't imagine the time and budget you spent for her but the final result is wonderful. Ha Pham.
  18. So nice Joe, you're inspiring me a lot!
  19. Your paint job for air intake is very useful!!! I'll use this tip for my next project!! Thanks for sharing!!
  20. wow that's really a terrific big beast for sure!
  21. This is a perfect beast!! I love your tip for tinting the wind screen with Betadine too!
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