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  1. Your mustang thread can be found on page 22 bro, yep I´ve checked!
  2. And some final side by side shots with the Tamiya 1/32 Zero
  3. So this is my first go at a winter dio, The Mi 2 from the Polish company aeroplast in 1/48 scale. Everything else is scratch build.
  4. Thank you Kevin! Please feel free to Publish the Phantom aswell // Ernie
  5. Oh, nevermind...I moved the pic to a folder in photobucket and now I have to repost them.. Im gonna fix it in a few minutes:)
  6. On which one Kev? I just talked to Mal and he had no problem seeing the pic // Ernie
  7. And some bigger engine pic: The small dust particles has bean removed ;P // Ernie
  8. Well there we go! Bigger pictures
  9. Thank you ! It would be an honour! Im having problems with imageshack, cant get the size right. Im gonna try photobucket:)
  10. Sorry about the small image size...Im having problems with imagesack
  11. This bird started out as a VF-84 , but I put the port side decal on the fuselage wrong, the small arrows should be pointing up. Its a OOB build, painted with Tamiya and alclad So I had to strip decals and paint and it ended up like this // Ernie
  12. More pic The final weathering will be done when I do the dio for her // Ernie
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