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  1. Much better mate, I was at Hendon the other week staring at the one there. Although I think I'd do it in Indian Air Force!
  2. To me, I think the Revell kit looks good but could do with the ZM cockpit transparencies and the nose reworked. Really want one after xmas, Wings Palette has got a scheme on there that I love!
  3. From what I've seen at shows they look great...
  4. What issues do Special Hobby have, i've never built one?
  5. I'm going down to my parents at xmas, and in my dads loft there are a few airliners etc! I 'may' bring one back as I've been thinking for a while to do a B747-400 cargo version. Any updates?
  6. Never built an airliner but I really want to! Decisions...
  7. Wish I took them Kev! I'm going to be on this up until next Sunday then I'm away for a week. Ideally I want the fuselage all button'd up before I'm off.
  8. While i'm adding photos, just look at this beast!
  9. Oh, and there are clear parts provided but they look no good tbh (to round, will get a photo).. It says to sand away the bulges and add the clear from behind, but I can't see how that would work and look good!
  10. Good question Tom, this is the reason why I've chose to do the VKP version - Very little glass on the front of it, I'm going to go down the route you went with the B-29 (luckily only 5/6 pieces depending how I do it.). Once the fuselage is together I'm cutting the nose off in sections to do this. The lower section of glass i'm going to re-shape/scribe as it's not right, looking at the bottom pic out the two below it's quite flat on one surface (round on the model). So I've got my work cut out tbh!
  11. No warnings here...Tom great work mate, Can't wait to see this beaut all built up.
  12. Hi Lee, I've left the plastic 'shiney' just until the Milliput sets (didn't want to sand them first just incase it made it harder to take the Milliput off - I used this to get a shape for some smaller bulk sections in the sponsers), then I popped it off, sand surfaces and glued it on Cheers though! Cheers Tom, regarding the tabs, I can add more so will do tomorrow/Tuesday The wing spar though, none supplied with kit!.. but I got an idea, hopefully it'll work! Done some drawing and looked at what materials I have and I think it's doable! Definate convert too, there shall be more
  13. Thanks mate, really enjoying this and the Hudson. I should of got into vac's along time ago!
  14. Forgot to add, where the Milliput is, I've added more smaller bulkheads as the wheel sponsers are really flimsy! Hopefully get the fuselage all button'd up in the next day or so.
  15. Managed to get a bit more done today Keels for both fuselages, I've cut the teeth like pattern out on the top and bottom so little strips can be put in to help align the fuselage halfs. Both parts were seriously warped but with a dry fit tonight the fit is near perfect so I'm happy with the result. Will need some filler though as the mould isn't great and the plastic is quite thin/lumpy in spots. MB9T3267 by Rainbow 1984, on Flickr For the rear wheels/landing gear I've put 4 lumps of Milliput, then superglued into place once it was set. This I plan on drilling up into so that
  16. I'd just build it, lifes to short to have a massive stash
  17. I think they should do too, no IM manufacturer will ever get a kit right first time. To me, if it looks 'OK' then I'm happy! It bugs me when people say they won't buy one to build (just for the stash is worse) because it is an incorrect kit! I bet 99.9% of plastic kits are 'incorrect' someway or another. Can't wait for the Intruder though! Shall look great IMO.
  18. Top job on the Rivets! This is a new kit isn't it?
  19. I've made the keel, brought my modelling stuff into work as we've been quiet over the last few days etc, so i'm sat sanding it to shape as it wasn't perfect but with a test fit, it brings the fuselage back into shape! Few minor corrections and it can be fitted. Photos tonight!
  20. Words don't describe! You would thing this is 1/12th or something not 32nd! A credit to you mate.
  21. Sure is mate, Just sat here now with some card doing some drawing/cutting before I waste any plastic sheet! This thing needs alot of bracing!
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