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  1. The trumpeter pleasure ! You make a very clean job ! Jean-luc
  2. Great works! I'm curious with this convertion JL
  3. Yep yep,i have make the same comparison,it's a evidency Presented both together would be great
  4. Nice scooter,Maverick is going to be jealous !
  5. Great Kevin,i love the simplicity of this plane !
  6. Thank you for all your comments I started the decals apply and all the little parts
  7. Hello, That's one small step for the modeller,one giant leap for my Sukkhoi !!!! The light blue is Gunze H67 , the white Gunze H11 + 10% H311 , the Dark Blue Gunze H42 + 30% H331 and the Dark grey Gunze H333 The paint job,i'm happy
  8. Nice work Kevin,very clean build ! Jean-luc
  9. Hey crazy man,finally your awesome work is here ! Great !!!! Jean-luc
  10. Owww,Damnation ,i see this GB too late...2 months to finish a F-105,it's too short for me....
  11. Mmmmmh,plastic card,the best friend of a modeller ! Jean-luc
  12. Hello Mike, This is the book from Yefim gordon about the Su-27 and his family,the big book,if you need,i send you the link. Maybe i contact you to mold the engine Jean-luc
  13. The canopy is finished with resin parts from wolfpack,photoetch Eduard and scratch for the internal structure The main gear is ready,but the trumpeter gear is not correct,i have see the problem too late,i tryed to correct a maximum.... Note : after this build,i try to realise a correct engine AL-31F to commercialized that in resin set,but soon.... And now,go go to the paint ! Best regards Jean-luc
  14. Some news of the front... My Su-30 is finally ready to paint.... The two Vectorial Engine are ready... The new beaver for a MKI with RWR and a correct forme for Vectorial Engine. Correct rudder with antenna and panel for a MKI and a new elevator mechanism. RWR antenna are placed on the leading edge The correct pylons from "Zactomodels" The underside
  15. Hello youngtiger1, I understand your proposition,but i dont have the capacity to make copy and how many people would a set and how many buy a set ? I have make 3 engines , 2 for my Su-30 and one maybe to make a copy and sell it, if i have many people ready to buy it...it's a big job for me the molding...but if i can help somebody,this is with pleasure One more time,sorry for my english,i write like a Spanish cow....
  16. All the parts are ready , Aires Exhaust modified ( it's too long ) ,parts scribbed and the afterburner chamber from Pitzmodels Close Up from the Hell chamber ! All the parts assembled without glue The fitting is better now See you next ! Jean-luc
  17. A real warbird !!!! Nice work with the best scheme ! JL
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