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  1. I’m also going to build both Luke and Werner’s SPAD. Years ago there was a company making a corrected instrument surround, which I fortunately bought 2, and I have the screens and engines, but instead of WnWs, I bought Roden, since you won’t see much of it anyway. For the color mixing instructions, I have both WnWs Salmsons and will refer to their colors. I am also going to use the new Nieuport 23 Belgium Shooting Star and also an engine and louvre screen to make a model of the Belgium SPAD that I saw at the Musee du Millitaire in Brussels.

  2. 3 hours ago, Nessus said:


    Because people have an aversion to resin (and potentially its cost I guess). I see it at my local club. AM parts yes, but a whole kit, generally no.

    My aversion to resin rests on the dust being so hazardous.

  3. 16 hours ago, Tony T said:


    I remember the recce C Voodoos at Upper Heyford 1967-69 as I lived not far away. They were awesome. Sleek, even in tangy two-tone green and tan. At takeoff, its intakes would whistle, while its rear crackled like thunder and spat fire, like a dragon puffing out giant plumes of cigar smoke.

    I'm still hoping that Kitty Hawk give us a 1/32 RF-101C. The tooling of the 1/48 offering, scaled-up, would obviate the need for giant moulds. It's mostly fuselage with relatively stubby wings, so would sit comfortably on just about any self-respecting shelf.

    That and the Six — from anybody. Go on Trumpeter, we'll buy lots of F-100Fs if you scale up your Delta Dart to 1/32.


    Not many living who remember planes from the 1920s-30s either, but it's a largely untapped market (ignoring resin) and the aircraft are quite small. And also interesting, and much less smoky than a Voodoo.

    I'm buying a Percival Proctor and would gladly get Mr Lindbergh's shiny trans-Atlantic record-setter. 



    Hasegawa had made a bunch of ‘30s fighters and bombers in 1/32. ‘30s racing planesI have them all in my stash.  Another  company, Williams Brothers, made a bunch of 1/32 racing planes. Also Limburg made two, but one was a GeeBee, which Williams Bros also had. Remember that the P-36 was prewar also. You can use Grey Matter Figures makes an early P-38 set to backdate a Revell P-38J.

  4. I think the reason that the model interest has gone from the Century Series to the 20s and 30s other than the fact that they are few and far between, but those of us that remember the 100, 101, 104, etc... flying overhead, who’d prefer them are slowly disappearing. But believe me, if you ever saw an F-101 sitting next to an F-104, you’d never forget it. I can still fantasize one of each next to each other in 1/32. I remember someone saying the 101 is just too big, but Trumperer does make the F-105G of which the actual jet is only inches smaller, which is hard to tell the difference.

  5. On 5/26/2020 at 2:31 AM, Tony T said:


    Well, Trumpeter are still threatening to release the F-100F.


    I would love to see the ones missing in the sequence, but 1920s-1930s seem the new fashion — "And why not?!" as Barry Norman used to say.


    Saw the real Spirit of Saint Louis at the Smithsonium thirty three years ago, and the brushed metal nose was slightly mesmerising. I'd prefer that detail exaggerated and moulded-in, ready for gloss black primer and a shinier Alclad.




  6. My solid wood model started last Autumn when I saw an ad for a North Central Airlines DC-3 by PlaneArts Models. It was marked exactly like the first plane I ever flew in in 1950 from Sault Ste. Marie Michigan to Detroit. The only thing different was the number on the plane, which they were more than happy to change for me. 


    A couple weeks ago, they advertised a Boeing 737-400. This time I have a photo of her first plane ride. So I immediately ordered that too. My DC-3 came out beautifully.

  7. On 4/28/2020 at 9:27 PM, LSP_K2 said:


    It's still a classic. I have no idea if Revell will ever re-pop those big ol' Monogram kits, but I'd certainly love it if they did.

    My new Big T is a rerelease from Revell and it’s a three in one.

  8. 1 hour ago, Pup7309 said:

    Some Re8 crews were quite skilled and maybe the other guys had jammed guns and/ or were happy to give up and sit out the war as POWs?


    An unusual event but understandable 

    Actually, I had read that some pilots could use the RE-8 as well as any other two seaters, even Btisfits. I guess the bad performance rumors came about because it was so ugly. I consider it like the rumors that canaries were put in the wings of longhorns and shorthorns. It the canaries escaped, that meant that a wire had come off.

  9. The Duelist RE.8/ CL.ll amazes me. The real RE.8 in the kit forced down the CL.ll. The RE.8 was rumored to want to catch on fire if you turned to port or spun out of control if you tried to turn starboard, yet this RE.8 was able to force down a German two seat fighter.

  10. What I really loved about WnWs amongst other things is that I already had a late Halberstadt CLll, but wanted another RE.8, but the Duelist I just got, had another late CLll. Well the WnWs sprues have the parts for both versions, so all I have to do is follow the online instructions and build an Early CLll.

  11. On 4/29/2020 at 10:54 AM, ringleheim said:

    Ebay listings for WNW kits right now are a bit low at 72.  It's usually around the low 100s (I look all the time).


    Prices have definitely shot up already.  


    I think this will be temporary.  I still believe that WNW supply exceeds demand.  Lots of folks buy and store these kits, but few actually build them.


    I think prices will come back down.

    And when WNW resurfaces under new ownership, the whole situation will change again, back to MSRP type prices.



    I can’t beliece that idiot on EBay trying to sell a WnWs Camel for over $400. And the other guy trying to sell the 3 Albatroses for $700.00. Simply rediculous. Most of the sellers are being sensible.

  12. On 4/26/2020 at 11:52 PM, Trak-Tor said:

    I’m looking forward to the Belgium markings on the Nie.23. Actually the Vampire will go on the Nieuport and the Belgium Comet will go on the Hobbycraft SPAD Xlll. A SPAD Xlll in Belgium markings is on display at the Musee du Militaire in Brussels. I enjoy seeing it and the other WW1 planes there, which includes the last original Nie.17. It is in French markings and not Belgium as people might think.

  13. On 12/12/2019 at 10:09 AM, vince14 said:

    All French aircraft were designated with Roman Numerals, the use of Latin numbers is due to the British (and later the Americans) using them in their documentation, which has been retained by English-language authors ever since. If you want to be strictly accurate, then using Roman Numerals is correct.

    Then why are French Aircraft marked with regular numbers and not Roman Numerals on the Aircraft?

  14. I’m sad for you guys and gals who wanted the WnWs Dr-1, but believe me, thanks to Eduard, Pheon, and Aviattic, Roden can be made into decent Dr-1s. And if Pheon holds true to their promise, you’ll be able to make any Dr-1 that you desire.

  15. My last two ever WnWs just arrived today, the RE-8/ CL-ll. I have one of each already, but I have a Pheon RE-8 sheet with Belgium markings. I also got my Dolphin. I guess it’s Roden from now on unless something changes.

  16. You know your getting old when you decide to go into the past and build a model like you got for Christmas as a teen, but you grew up. I got a Monogram Big T, but for kicks got some CA plates. Being in my seventies, knew a change had to be made to put the plates on the car. I made sure it had mufflers otherwise the State wouldn’t have allowed the car to be registered.

  17. 17 hours ago, petrov27 said:

    Trumpeter will buy the moulds but recut them to change dimensions and shapes so that they are out of whack and do not match the real aircraft or any known plans then have deep rivet dimples added all over every part regardless if they were fabric or wood IRL.... hehe

    The seats will be too small, possibly 1/35th scale.

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