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  1. Here is a link to the news story about this reunion: Raiders of 'Hitler's gas station' reunite in Ohio http://news.yahoo.com/raiders-hitlers-gas-station-reunite-ohio-141807620.html
  2. I believe what few of the Veterans of this military achievement who still remain live are gathering for a reunion in Ohio today. -Danny
  3. Bakelite is polyoxybenzylmethylenglycolanhydride, is an early plastic. It is a thermosetting phenol formaldehyde resin, formed from an elimination reaction of phenol with formaldehyde. It was developed by Belgian-born chemist Leo Baekeland in New York in 1907. One of the first plastics made from synthetic components, Bakelite was used for its electrical nonconductivity and heat-resistant properties in electrical insulators, radio and telephone casings, and such diverse products as kitchenware, jewelry, pipe stems, and children's toys. (from wikipedia of course) Those old ID models were done in 1:72 scale to give pilots a consistent size to compare one aircraft to another. -Danny
  4. Nic, I think a Vulcan B2 Bomber is an excellent idea in 1:32 or even 1:48 too! I feel privileged to have witnessed the aerobatics this old Cold Warrior performed at the airshow in the late 80's at Fort Worth...
  5. Thanks, we all needed some humor today. -Danny
  6. When what was formerly know as Carswell AFB, a SAC base during the Cold War; I saw a T Bird F-16 pull a vertical climb and disappear, I was left gobsmacked as they say in the UK wondering what a pilot has to do to get a F-16 to stall? Also, I recall one of these suckers making sounds an aircraft shouldn't make being put though the paces when too close to the ground...
  7. Awesome Work! Thanks for sharing.
  8. I have hear some complain that Verlinden's stuff is a bit under scale, but still usable.
  9. Chuck, I'm retired now but in a former existence I repaired transport refrigeration equipment and airconditioning on diesel trucks and the reason the vacuum gauge not going all the way to the -30 psi in do to your not being at sea level, its simply a gauge error so just dis guard it as a harmless anomaly related to the same reason water boils at a lower temperature at higher altitudes. I'm glad you got things about sorted out to make a suitable mold. If you have any problems with the resin pouring not completely filling your mold then consider adapting your air compressor to pressurize the pour to 15 to 20 psi. My equipment is a pressure pot used for painting houses which I have adapted to hold bold a pressure or a vacuum.
  10. Thanks for sharing. I will continue to study your build with great interest! WAY TO GO !!!
  11. Cant wait to see this one finished.
  12. I certainly did not realize they had bricked trenches...
  13. I think maybe for some of us it will be a bit of sticker shock.
  14. Hello Marus, Kevin, I bought the this device for my new born 2nd grandaughter because her right lung wasn't fully developed. When she took a breath her diaphragm looked normal on the left lung but the right lung just below her rib cage it was sunken in... When my 3rd grandaughter was a couple months old she developed an infection of RSV so I bought a new one for her. The cost of one as in the picture posted was $180ish dollars, it is left running almost contantly it has 3 speed settings (I generally leave it set on low speed because my workshop is small) and it is not thermostatically controled. It does not alter room temperature. I did a search of Home Depot HEPA technology and found this model for $144 dollars which is in the neighborhood of an 1/32 uber kit you have stashed away to build some day. http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/QuickViewService?storeId=10051&langId=-1&catalogId=10053&R=203114290&catEntryId=203114290
  15. I have found a cure for dusty models and dust settling on wet paint before it drys. Its called a HEPA airfilter, I have used mine for over two years and seldom shut it down. The model I have was purchased at Home Depot and is advertized as having the ability to remove cigarette smoke and larger germs from the air. It has a charcoal outer filter for purification and and inner paper filter particles as small as 0.3 microns.
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