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  1. Thats what I was wondering. Whats the best way to ask about quality of output from a print shop? DPI or is there another metric to determine this? Thanks for the info.
  2. I was going to contact a number of regular local print shops but I’m guessing they wont be able to offer the 2400 DPI I need. I think I’ll make a list of high end print shops downtown (in Vancouver) and see what they have to say. Plan A for me is to find a local shop and save on shipping. This will allow me to do smaller jobs more often versus an out of town shop. Plan B is to use an out of town shop and fill up my sheet with multiple jobs but do it less frequently. This will cost more, but if I fill up the artwork with multiple jobs I can justify the cost in my head. I would rather do plan A though. Thanks for the confirmation and I’ll share what I find once I figure it out, Chuck.
  3. I've been wanting to make my own limited run photo etch for a long while now and I think (for the most part) I have the process nailed down. The only issue I have is finding a print shop capable of producing the artwork onto film at a cost which makes sense for what I need (small one off jobs). I know the likes of PDP can produce fantastic photo etched parts for me, but with prices starting at just under $100 (with shipping), it just isn't feasible (although they do produce amazing work as witnessed in Airscale and others builds here!) I have found online print services than can print the artwork I need, but again its the cost that is pushing the boundaries for me for making it work (small size/limited number artwork). My question for all of you printer experts out there is, what kind of DPI do I need from a print shop to print vector artwork with details as small as .1mm/.004"? I know 2400 dpi will do what I want, but can I get away with a lower DPI print shop (which is cheaper) and get details as small as .1mm/.04" across with vector files? Thanks in advance, Chuck.
  4. Looking forward to the updates in the other builds!
  5. I looked at the plus models website and cant seem to find the thin plastic card. Do you have a link?
  6. What a gorgeous build. I’m really becoming a big fan of your work and can’t wait for some updates in the other WIP’s. Keep up the great work, Chuck.
  7. Sorry Chuck. I missed the part about why you didn’t want to try vacforming. I wasn’t trying to sound like a smart ass!
  8. I’ve found some ultra thin plastic shim that might work for Me. It isn’t polystyrene but I’ve come up with another plan to accomplish what I need. I’ve ordered and I’ll do some tests and report back with what I find.
  9. Oops! Yah your right, I meant to type .0025" (.06MM) or thinner. Any ideas?
  10. Has anyone come across regular styrene plastic card that is .025" thick (.64mm) or even thinner? I know you can get plastic shim stock in that thickness, but it doesn't accept regular plastic glue which I want it to be able to do. Any ideas?
  11. I was hoping you were going to say "try vacforming your own replacements using the kits parts as masters" so I could see how its done
  12. Ouch! Any idea on what your going to do with the new canopies to get them to fit when they arrive?
  13. Very nice Chuck. Looking forward to the next update, Chuck.
  14. Are you decanting it and then airbrushing, or shooting it straight from the can?
  15. Do you find the Tamiya fine white to be smoother than the Gunze 1500, or about the same? Just wondering if my experience with the 1500 was due to my bad prep of the can or maybe a bad batch?
  16. I’m going through Wolf withdrawl
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