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  1. After doing some tests, neither my laser or inkjet printers were able to give me the resolution I need to produce sharp artwork for photo etching. I did a bunch more reading on the subject and found out that what I need is an industrial photo plotter (in the 16,000 dpi range!) Being that I don't have an extra $20,000 dollars laying around to buy my own photo plotter, I've contacted several shops that offer these type of printing services for photo etching. If that ends up being too costly, does anyone have any other ideas on where I can have artwork printed onto clear film at 9600 dpi or higher for a reasonable cost?
  2. I agree. It also sounds like using inkjet film for silkscreening gives greater density to the negative, so I have some on order to try.
  3. Thanks. I have some film coming for both my laser and inkjet printers to do a comparison with. I'll post the results once I've done some tests. God luck, Chuck.
  4. I'll shoot some tomorrow and get back to you. Thanks again for the info, Chuck.
  5. Perfect! That's exactly the kind of info I was looking for. Have you used Tamiya's fine surface primer and if so, how does it compare? Thanks, Chuck.
  6. Hello out there. I'm wanting to prime some items with MRP's fine surface primer and being that I haven't used it before, I'm not sure what air pressure to airbrush it at. Does anyone have any input on this? Any other things I need to be aware of when using this primer? Thanks in advance, Chuck.
  7. Great build with lots of helpful tips. Thanks for sharing!
  8. I understand what your saying. Having PPD do my etching does sound easier than doing it myself, but part of what appeals to me so much with this hobby is the challenge of trying to do as much as I can myself. Along with that is the issue of PPD's minimum price make it pretty expensive if all you need is smaller than 6" x 12" etched. I already have everything needed for etching at home with the only week link being having my artwork printed onto clear film, so I want to give it a try. Thanks for you advice, Chuck.
  9. No, his company provides etched accessories as well as decals (which are all fantastic by the way!) so he knows how to layout and draw up the artwork for photo etching. He then send his artwork to PPD to get the actual etching done. From what I can tell, prices at PPD start at roughly $60 for a 6" x 12" sheet of etched copper (including shipping). Not bad if you have a full sheet of etching to get done, but pretty pricey if all you need is a small job. After a ton of reading on the subject, I have figured out the process for doing your own etching. From the layout, drawing the art work, prepping the metal, photo resist application, developing and the actual etching itself. The only weak link being the printing of my artwork. The Father of one of the new guys I work with owns a print shop (I just found out yesterday) and he has been answering a number of my questions. Once I clarify a few things (regarding printing artwork) and do a test run, I will share my results here.
  10. I've been searching and asking questions over the last couple of years and have slowly cobbled together my own guide to do it yourself photo etching. The only missing piece is the printing part, thus my questions. Once I get that part established, my plan is to do a test run, then share the info with anyone whose interested (assuming it all works out of course)!
  11. I've read PPD's info and it was useful in helping me understand how to draw artwork that will work for photo etching. It doesn't how ever (understandably) answer my question regarding having artwork printed onto clear film if you want to do it yourself
  12. Great, I was planning on getting the book! Will the tutorial include info on having your artwork printed up?
  13. So I want to make some custom photo etch and I think I have a pretty good handle on the whole process. I've done up the artwork and have most everything I need to develop and etch the brass myself. I do have a laser printer, but it doesn't give me high enough DPI for the results I need. My next option is to get the artwork printed up by a print shop, but I'm not sure what to ask them when I call. What type of printer should they have and how many DPI's does it need to be able to print at to give me the kind of results I'm looking for? Is there anything else I need to ask (besides cost of course) when I start phoning around? I've searched everywhere and cant seem to find any info on this part of the process. Thanks in advance, Chuck.
  14. Well Chuck, there will be a section on this in the forthcoming book Kev & KLP publishing are putting together on the build of Race #80, along with a number of other surprises and useful things, so look out for Peter FANTASTIC! Looking forward to the book and any further updates. Congrats on the best of show, Chuck.
  15. Simply brilliant Peter! Raising the bar as always. Any chance we could get you to do up a tutorial on how to draw artwork for custom PE sometime?
  16. Fan Tastic! Love your work and that you freely share the how too's even more. Thanks Chuck.
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