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  1. Brett, I'll try to post some product links for you when I get home from work, but one brand I seem to remember using is Plus Model. Kev
  2. I actually gave up trying to repurpose found wire on engines for the most part, and have had better luck with commercially available lead wire in various gauges. Kev
  3. Rick, Aerocraft has you covered: https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/main-undercarriage-struts-for-polikarpov-i-16 Kev
  4. Tim, does John have the required parts to turn the Revell kit into a legitimate GR.1? Kev
  5. Not sure what you're worried about, Brett - engine looks great! Kev
  6. Howdy folks, Our Paul takes a look at some photo-etch from Eduard for the Academy Viper: Eduard 32-961: 1/35 Photo-etch for Academy AH-1Z Viper Thanks, Paul! Kev
  7. Howdy folks, Kevin Williams takes a look at some aftermarket landing gear produced by one of our very own: Synthetic Ordnance Works Main Landing Gear Replacements Thanks, Kevin! And thanks to Synthetic Ordnance Works for the review samples. Kev
  8. Howdy folks, Andrew Birnie takes a look at Aerocraft's night fighter conversion for Airfix's big Hellcat: Aerocraft 1/24 Hellcat F6F-5N (Early 5) Night Fighter Conversion VF(N)-41 White 13 Thanks, Andy! And thanks to Aerocraft Models for the review sample. Kev
  9. There's really no need to decant any of the Mr. Surfacer primers, as they're all (AFAIK) available in jar format also. Tamiya does have at least one of its primers available in a bottle, but honestly, they all spray so smoothly straight out of the can, that the only reason to airbrush them instead is if you're covering a small area. I do decant Tamiya's AS and TS paints for airbrushing, though. Kev
  10. Howdy folks, This is my first project after a long hiatus from the workbench, and was meant to be a quick and easy build to help get my groove back. Sadly, the kit isn't great, and was trickier to build and paint than I anticipated. It's in 1/8 scale, and is from Diamond Select Toys - better known for their pre-built collectables. I did the best I could with the plastic smoke, but it looks better than my aborted attempt to create something more realistic using wire netting and cotton balls! To quote my wife: "That looks like sh!t". Hopefully I can work my way back to an aircraft build now. Kev
  11. Indeed. There's an earlier thread about it just over here: Kev
  12. The two you mention are indeed the best, and my experience with them has been that they produce a similar result. And I'd argue that you can indeed get as smooth a result from them straight out of the can as you can with an airbrush - superior, sometimes. Unless I only need them for a small area, I'll usually just reach for the can, rather than bother with the airbrush. Tamiya's Fine White primer is also great for airliners, as it works as both primer and topcoat! Kev
  13. They do indeed, Brian - but they're not cheap! Kev
  14. Thanks, Steve. Too rich for me I'm afraid. Kev
  15. https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/main-undercarriage-struts-for-polikarpov-i-16 Kev
  16. This is turning out to be one of the finest Corsair builds I've seen! No idea. He hasn't piped up here for the longest time, and he hasn't posted on Facebook since early last year. He's also a musician, and is heavily involved in an AC/DC tribute band, so presumably he's just busy with that. Kev
  17. Tom Grigat is famous for his stop-motion build sequences. He's very talented, both as a modeller and a stp-motion video producer. Kev
  18. The 1/18 scale Me 262 is Hobby Boss, right? Kev
  19. I think we've already established elsewhere that the Yak-28 kit is actually 1/48 scale, but the other items are certainly interesting. Kev
  20. Dunno, but the hardware-store lacquer thinner I use is equally as noxious as Mr. Color Thinner, and I've had to give up drinking either of them. Kev
  21. I'm sure someone knows what really happened, but I'm also sure we'll never find out. It was a long time ago, and it's possible that those in the know at the time aren't even around any longer. Kev
  22. The near-mythical standard answer to this question is that they were lost overboard while being transported by ship back to the U.S. The details appear to be lost to the mists of time, but I've heard it said variously that the container containing them went overboard, that it happened in Tokyo Bay, that the entire ship sank, etc, etc. The one constant in all the versions is that they were lost at sea, never be to be seen again. Kev
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