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  1. Apologies for the delay fellas, but I'm finally back with another update - albeit a brief one. I've been slaving away over a replacement front seat, which in most Tiger Moths is radically different from what is supplied in the kit. I took my queue from both Max's and Chris's builds, but it turned out to be a much more difficult task than I had imagined, and it didn't help that I took probably the least clever path to get there. But get there I did, and after several days' work, this is what I was able to churn out: The heavily primered surface needs a bit
  2. Howdy folks, I've just published the latest What's New update. Enjoy! Kev
  3. One of the nice features I've just noticed about the new upgrade is that quoted posts are truncated, with an 'expand' option at the bottom of the quote box. You get to see the equivalent of about 3-4 lines, and the rest fades off. About time! Kev
  4. Me too. But we don't have that option. Kev
  5. I've been able to change the position to being under the first post, instead of creating a sidebar. It will only show for topics that exceed two pages. Kev
  6. The trigger seems to be post or page count, but I'm still not sure exactly where it lies. I'll see what level of control we have over it. Kev
  7. Yeah, I'm seeing it now, but not in all threads, so I don't know what the criteria or trigger is. We may or may not be able to turn it off. I'll have to investigate. It does seem to contain some useful information, though. Kev
  8. Do you mean the sidebar? That should only show on the home page, and not within threads and topics. Kev
  9. Forum upgrade complete! I'll have to update the banner logo to match the new theme, but otherwise, hopefully everything is working normally! Please let me know if you spot any issues. There is one change that's worth mentioning specifically, however: support for bbCode has now been removed, and will no longer work. So when you're grabbing image links from your various hosting providers, try to copy the direct link, not the bbCode one. Kev
  10. Forum upgrade commencing in 3...2...1... Kev
  11. OK, forum upgrade to commence some time in the next 2 hours! We'll be down for a brief period, but hopefully it all goes well, and most of you won't even notice. I'll post again when it's about to happen, and again when it's done. Kev
  12. I could use several, especially as handy upgrades for my 2 Revell kits! Kev
  13. You're doing great work on what can be a tricky kit, Len. I screwed up the engine on mine thanks to a combination of impatience and thoughtless engineering from Kitty Hawk. Looking forward to seeing more of yours! Kev
  14. Wow is all I can say about that. It does, however, feature the ancient Airfix Heineken kit, rather than the relatively state-of-the-art Revell one. Kev
  15. Looks pretty good to me, Chris! Congrats on a fine build. Kev
  16. Provided the sticker price isn't too hideous when it's re-released, I'm planning to buy the 1/48 kit too. Would love one in 1/32! Kev
  17. MPM. I believe Special Hobby is planning to re-release it soon. Or perhaps I'm confused with the Fw 200. Kev
  18. The wood effect on those floats is superb, Mike! Kev
  19. Indeed it is! I'm most of the way through doing mine, and it's a complete PITA! Kev
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