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  1. Hi guys Made it back from Melbourne FL. Late on Friday. I have a lot of stuff to do around the house. Hopefully I will get back to work on the models next weekend. Later Steve
  2. Look like theres going to be a wee delay in this project. I just got blind sided at work Monday. I'm Going TDY. Melbourne FL, just south of Daytona 15 Apr-05 May for a test that we are doing. And boy do I got some stuff I need to do here. Steve
  3. Dave I still have know clue I'm worken on it. Steve
  4. Bro Give me a chance, I just got it out of the box. How the heck sould I know. Steve
  5. Ohhhhhhhhhh boy is this going to be FUN This thing is a MONSTER Ok her what she looks like. Now I got work to do (SWOOOOW) Steve
  6. Hi guys She just got here. Heres a pic of the box, boy its a big one More Pic's in a short, short. Steve
  7. Oh Ya I ordered them on Sat. They have not shipped yet :angry: Boy I'm I off to a slow start Steve
  8. Adrian, Kev Hopefully this is and updated kit it sapost to be new. This is a short build so will most likey go OOB Steve
  9. Adrian Not to sure. I have no clue what the kit is like. I also order a Revell Supermarine Seafire Mk.1B. But this is my first chose. Steve
  10. Just as soon as my order from Squadron gets here Steve
  11. smudger Thats why I did three 21 C I just had FUN building them. Steve
  12. I ask the same? If that's a 1/32 I want one. Steve
  13. Ron Nice looking P-40 Mines going to look a little beaten to you know what. Steve
  14. Hi All I do not want you to freak out when you see what I’ve done. So I’m giving you a heads up. I’m working on the weathering and battle damage now. She’s going to look beat to (BAD WORD) and road hard. Maybe not to showroom prefect. Standby Pic’s are coming this weekend. Steve
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