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  1. Well I just learned a valuable listen NEVER USE A BLACK SHARPIE to mark you camouflaged lines. It bleeds through the paint. Time to back up and regroup .
  2. Thanks RLWP, I fixed it (Brain Fart)
  3. Well here it is. Before I start this going to finish the Seafire. The first thing will be primer gray for everything. Hell even the Figures are RED.
  4. Ok paints on, now drying time. Next the OD Camouflage and then the bottom.
  5. Well first coat of RAF Blue Gray on FWD have. Been informed dinner will be ready in 10 min.
  6. Hi All This is what I’m use at the moment, the Red handled one’s are from Harbor Freight, got them for a whole .59 cents they work really well. The other I found in an old manikir set at my Mom’s house not sure who the manufacture is. The only thing I can see is the word Germany.
  7. Update the kit will be here tomorrow, 31 Jan according to Fedex tracking.
  8. Sanding right up there with doing the canopy painting for me.
  9. I've been filling seams, and sanding. Going to need a second fill. Hi All I just mixed up the RIF Blue gray for the top side, and the Light Gull gray for the bottom. Waiting for more filler to dry. How fully the paint next.
  10. The kit will not be here until Jan 31-Feb 3. Goin to finish the Seafire before I start this.
  11. I've been filling seams, and sanding. Going to need a second fill.
  12. I just order it, this will be the first WW I aircraft I've ever built. I've always like the Red Baron.
  13. Thank I thought so, but was not 100% sure. I found this on the internet.
  14. Can a 1/28 scale Fokker DR.1 be put in the Work in Progress Group?
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