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  1. There's the option on the kit to leave the cowling panels off and show the engine. I think the kit first came out in 2010, so it's 10 years old.
  2. Hello guys, I had time to make more progress on the Pasta Stuka: Engine: Instrument panel with the decal installed: Wings glued: Cockpit: Fuselage with wings dry fitted:
  3. Hello guys, I'll be building Italeri's Junkers Ju 87B-2 Picchiatello in 1:48:
  4. You'll listen all of their songs after this one, good luck!
  5. Speaking of a Higher Call, have you listened Sabaton's "No Bullets Fly"? Is about your project:
  6. I coated the aircraft today with a gloss coat. I'll add the decals soon.
  7. Hello guys, after a small setback, I was able to repaint the fuselage.
  8. Astonishing work! What are you going to do with the ordnance? Trumpeter for some unknown reason supplied the one of the D model (SC1000) instead of that of the B model (SC250).
  9. Try contacting Tamiya for a spare weight if it didn't come with it. The two I bought had the weights glued inside one side of the box.
  10. Hello guys, I come back to this thread with lots of progress to show you: The gunbay: The gunbay glued to the nose weight, alongside the nose geat attachment piece at the front of the weight: Wings glued together: I added an extra weight (not shown) at the front of the cockpit, because I'm not sure if the supplied weight will be enough: Fuselage halves glued together: Airframe completed:
  11. How comes you were able to fit all the cockpit parts inside the cockpit? When I built mine, the piece where the throttles go didn't fit, alongside many other issues with this kit.
  12. @cbk57 do you know if the nose landing gear can be added AFTER painting and decalling?
  13. I hope it is, I have another one of these waiting to be built as Rudolf Sinner's plane or as Red S from the JV 44.
  14. Welcome to the forum! I'll be following your progress on this beast.
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