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  1. Thankee, Mike. I am on painkillers and not at my peak efficiency. Still won't give the "mail15" discount, though.
  2. I got the same message re the coupon and they added $33 NY state tax to the order. I'll stick with Sprue Bros.
  3. Des Delatorre has an excellent build log at http://www.ww1aircraftmodels.com/ that should be quite helpful.
  4. Just to help the effort, I'll commit to two A-10 improvement sets.
  5. I'm not an expert but I slept at a Holiday Inn Express last night...the WNW 4 and 5 color decals are as good as any others out there. It boils down to a matter of how you think they look on the model. I have used WNW on several of my models, Aviattik on a couple and thrown away all Roden OOB versions. Aviattik certainly have more variety (fresh, faded, lacquered) so can reduce the weathering effort at the expense of $$. I believe WNW's research to be good as anyone's and it's certainly better than mine. FWIW I prime mine with a pale cream but white, pale grey or the like will all produce good results.
  6. Interesting that WNW lists it as a "(1914)" version. Does this imply that there might be another later(?) version coming??? Inquiring minds want to know.
  7. Mighty fine build of a mighty fine aircraft.
  8. Lovely, Mike. Is that PC-10 a mix?
  9. All the Nieuport-Delage designs were elegant. Great find!
  10. Absolutely stunning! This is what a perfect build looks like.
  11. Simply lovely! Your additions and improvements made a truly museum quality model out of an already outstanding kit. I will be thrilled if mine turns out half as well.
  12. Great review of a fabulous kit but, like Dean, it is too much kit for a fat, old man with the shakes and failing eyesight. I hope Richard sells a ton of them and can keep producing world class kits even if I need 8x magnifiers to admire other peoples builds.
  13. BTW, if anyone is tempted by the OH-6 model by Kitech - DON"T! Absolute rubbish - I bought one on eBay and after viewing the flash, mold sinks and stumps, and lack of any believable detail it made it straight to the trash,,,just sayin'.
  14. The statement found HERE dated March 19, 2017 doesn't leave much room for interpretation. *************************************** Updated 3/19/2017: OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT I have ceased production and sale of all my SCALE AIRCRAFT ITEMS effective now. Those decal and resin sets are no longer available. In addition, I am no longer printing custom decal sheets. ***************************************
  15. Excellent! Definitely a worthy addition to the Lukgraph lineup.
  16. Has this thread been helpful so far Mike? If knot then drop me a line and I'll pass on the thimbleful of knowledge I have on the subject. Sorry, I couldn't help needling you a little...
  17. Got my two a few days ago - simply gorgeous! Lukgraph's designs seem to improve with every new kit. I relly must take a break from WW1 and do a few of these from my stash.
  18. Looking forward to adding this to my Lukgraph collection.
  19. "Section 8" is military slang for crazy, as in, "He went Section 8."
  20. I believe that the prototypes (Fokker F.I) were light blue overall with the upper surfaces streaked with the olive and/or brown application. Production aircraft (Fokker Dr.I) had blue undersurfaces with the upper surfaces streaked over a clear doped linen (CDL) base. This is based on Dan San Abbott's (and others) research.
  21. Two of each Camel plus one Duelist. It's not a collection if you don't have them all.
  22. Brian, Derek - For what it's worth the wing fit turned out to be OK (almost a snap fit) and the wing assumed its slight dihedral once it "clicked" in place. The wing needs to inserted straight downward into the fuselage. I needed to spread the fuselage top slightly and then the wing dropped into place. All glass except the windscreen and rear closure needs to be in place before adding the wing. My rear enclosure fit pretty well with just a little trimming/sanding. The windscreen/wing/fuselage join needed some work at the top where the leading edge of the wing is supposed to match an airfoil shaped cutout at the top of the windscreen. After much trial fitting and trimming the end result turned out OK. IIRC I started by placing the the top of the windscreen and then rotating the windscreen downward until it "clicked" in place. Sorry I have no photos to show but I am not a photo bucket fan. Mine is ready(minus the engine) for gloss coat and AOA decals. The exhausts were glued to the firewall and I made a plug for the propeller shaft hole so I could mount the prop. The Vietnamese craft I am doing has whip antennas at the upper surface of the wing tips but I may forego those just to get this off the workbench to make room for my WNW Taube. Kidding, just kidding (until I can order one or two.) Hang in there - both of yours are turning out better than mine.
  23. Brian and Derek, Some notes and warnings... Windows 12G (step 14), 3G (step 15), 4G (step 16) and 5G (step 18) are all bad fits. I had to scrape and sand them down to size. The brake lines (3F, 2F - step 6) attach to the fuselage in steps 16 & 18 at two small dimples slightly under the fuselage NOT into the holes on either side of the fuselage just aft of the gear legs. Those holes are for wing struts 1D (step 24.) Rudder control horn identified as 9D (step 19) is incorrect; it is actually 28F. (Part 9D is part of the engine bearer in step 9.) Elevator horn 26F in step 19 is misidentified. It is actually 27F. 26F is a door handle. Map pouches 2D mount to the starboard fuselage half 2A in step 15 and to the door 17C (incorrectly identified as 2C) in step 17. While there is a mounting location for a third case on the port fuselage half 1A (opposite the one on 2A) there is no third case provided. The engine defeated me so I buttoned the cowling up and will jury rig attachment points for the prop and exhausts. I will give the engine another go on my second kit. Biggest complaint so far is the lack of POSITIVE part locations/connections. This is especially true of the engine and firewall/engine bearer assemblies. Many locating holes (when present) are too small or too big for the attaching part's pin(s) (when present.) Very frustrating (at least for this half-blind, gorilla-fisted, grumpy old man.) Happy trails...
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    Six Camels!!

    E-mail to WETA customer support.
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