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  1. See Seiran01's thread in the mullti-engine build topic.
  2. I was advised by WNW to either (1) transfer $ from my bank to PayPal and then pay with my PayPal balance or (2) use my credit card. Apparently bank-to-bank results in rejection of the transaction. I chose option (1) and had no problems.
  3. I assembled mine yesterday and last night. The review has it spot on with a personal observation that the level of detail and delicateness of many of the cockpit parts is superb. A few injection nubs to clean up (none are visible after assembly) and care in removing some smaller parts from the sprues is a must. The wing and fuselage joins are virtually invisible. The ailerons and elevator are essentially "press fit" with the tips of the horizontal stabilizer needing a couple passes with a sanding stick to relieve the tightness of the fit. The ailerons and elevator join the fixed assemblies with a number of rods that fit into corresponding holes in the trailing edge of the fixed assembly. I found it prudent to slightly relieve the appropriate holes with a twist drill to avoid snapping off the delicate rods on the control surface parts. The nose assembly will benefit from extra study and trial fitting before committing to adhesive. Make sure the radiator is plumb vertical and properly interfaces with the engine fitting at the top. This build will not be painted but was just for my enjoyment of assembly while my eyes and hands still work well enough get the pieces more or less where they belong. All in all a very enjoyable experience and another feather in WNW's cap.
  4. "The German army wanted aileron controls, but earlier production aircraft had to be fitted with wing-warping controls, felt to be more vulnerable to battle damage." (From historyofwar.org)
  5. The cockpit and forward fuselage assemblies have a high parts density and exhibit almost zero tolerance in fitting. There is nothing wrong with the parts but excess glue or paint will cause a problem. Think Fokker D.VII front end only more so. I know there will be those of you who will rig the interior and I am in awe of you. Paint everything that needs it before assembly because it's all difficult (that is, impossible) to reach after the sub-assemblies start going together. Once the fuselage is together the rest is pretty straightforward. I recommend reading through the instructions a few times after selecting your version; there are holes to be drilled, bits to trim and various part options. Quality is top notch and the model captures "the look" of the Dolphin perfectly. I have no idea how the pilot got in the seat if he was of medium or larger build with the upper wing section framework and a couple of Lewis guns in the way. Sorry, no pics but I'm sure one of the "ace" builders will have some up soon.
  6. The Air Ministry submitted a list of possible names to Vickers-Armstrong for the new aircraft, then known as the Type 300. One of these was the improbable Shrew. The name Spitfire was suggested by Sir Robert McLean, director of Vickers-Armstrongs at the time, who called his spirited elder daughter Annie Penrose "a little spitfire".[19] The word dates from Elizabethan times and refers to a fiery, ferocious type of person; at the time it usually meant a girl or woman of that temperament.[20] Previously the name had been used unofficially for Mitchell's earlier F7/30 Type 224 design. Mitchell is reported to have said it was "just the sort of bloody silly name they would choose".[21][22] Source - Wikipedia
  7. Sopwith Dolphin Blackburn Kangaroo DeHavilland DH-10 DeHavilland DH-5 RAF F.E.8 Armstrong-Whitworth FK.8 RAF B.E.2 (any/all) Albatros D.I/D.II/German D.III/A-H D.III (all series) SPAD 7/12/13/16 Sopwith Cuckoo Bristol Scouts (C & D) That's enough - I'll be dead before all those are available...
  8. I sent this to xsxs3525: "Other customers of yours report not receiving the item listed. Please refund my payment of $39.99US immediately." To which he responded: "Thank you for your purchased! When you bought this item, did you read the item description and shipping term? The shipping time is 15-35 days. Do you know? Shipping number: 30467898296 Tracking website: http://track.4px.com/query http://www.17track.net/en/track?nums=&fc=190094 Because the International shipping requires more complicated shipping procedures, it needs time to ship and the duration on its way to you is out of control. If you don't receive item after 35 days, just please contact us, we'll give you a satisfactory solution. Thanks!" I clarified with this: "My concern is that the item is not as represented in the eBay listing. Other customers of yours have reported receiving such things as USB cables - not the model airplane as described in the listing. I believe that your listing is false in an attempt to defraud me. If so, please refund my money now." And his answer was: "It is a mistake. I have resolve the problem. Please don't worry! You will receive the Tamiya 60327 Vought F4U-1D Corsair 1/32 scale kit. Thanks!" I guess I can stop worrying now...LOL. So endeth the entertainment for today.
  9. Book "in hand" on my computer. Thanks for the quick resolution to the (still mysterious) glitch. A quick scan of the book shows it to be a brilliant resource. Time to dust off the AEG box and get building!
  10. Mighty purty, Mike! The engine is lovely and is a gem of a model on its own. Time to clear the bench in anticipation of the Taube...
  11. My contribution to "the silly thread." Oct 19, 201709:30 am Shipment departed from airport4PXHONGKONG Oct 18, 201704:00 pm Hand over to airline4PXHONGKONG Oct 15, 201709:59 pm Shipment operation completed4PXLan Guang,Shenzhen,China Oct 15, 201709:59 pm Shipment arrived at facility and measured.4PXLan Guang,Shenzhen,China Oct 14, 201705:28 pm Shipment information received4PX
  12. Exquisite model and stunning photography. Well done!
  13. Only the top photo is the Dr.I. The two photos at the bottom (with a wooden frame) are of the Camel.
  14. Everyone is ravin' about this build! You should crow for pride! Lovely build, Mike.
  15. Busy as the proverbial beaver, eh? Keep on keepin' on, Mike - you're obviously on a roll.
  16. Hmmmm....doesn't look much like an F4U-4 but it's a lovely build nonetheless. Great job, Mike - looking forward to the lighter "end game."
  17. Stunning model and brilliant photography. The bare metal is perfectly done - looks like the real thing.
  18. That is not the listing I was looking at. There are two listings priced at $34.99 with shipping cost of $200.00.
  19. I notice on the two pre-order listings of the model for $34.99 that the shipping is $200.00 from Hong Kong. Read the small, faint print, gents.
  20. Tamiya XF-16 base coat then use a "Sharpie" fine point silver marker to do the squiggles. Easy to do and looks convincing.
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