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  1. I think this is hilarious. You think there is no logical reason to produce aircraft models out of the "established" 1/32 scale. Yet you want vehicles made to an relative un-established military vehicle scale, outside of the well established 1/35 scale.
  2. I'll buy it. Will probably be nicer than Infinity Models offering. From the sprue shots of the Val, that kit so far looks to have been tooled in the 70's. Reminds me of my 1/32 Willow sprues.
  3. Sorry I wasn't able to give any info. I got the package from Sprue, verified contents then went to bed. Work, work, work that's all I get done. Terribly disappointed in the instructions. Not anywhere near Wingnut quality. Call outs for the different options for the variants could be a little confusing. No information is provided as to what the differences are other than aircraft "A" uses this and aircraft"C" uses this one. Decals seem a little thick and the photoetch is really thin. One side of my cockpit combing is busted off from the wing. Definitely the Wingnut feel to the kit without the final finish they would put in it to make it a great kit. And the heavy paper sheets they included seem like a total after thought, like lets put something in the bag we inherited to look like an instruction sheet from Wingnut. On a side note I like it. I think it will build nice. I have another one coming.
  4. Mine came yesterday from Sprue Brothers.
  5. I wanted to say I just picked this up from Sprue Brothers and it showed up today. WOW, is the only word needed to describe it. It is by far the best looking HUD I have seen the resin frames are so delicate and with the precut glass panels as well. It comes well packaged too. I hope you plan on expanding this line. I will buy them for all my large scale jets, US and Russian (hint,hint) It's part # FL32-2000 in case anyone is interested. I have no affiliation with the manufacturer. Nor is this a paid nonattorney spokesperson.
  6. Where did you purchase these from? Exactly what I am looking for. Thanks Tom
  7. I would buy a couple for sure. They have the opportunity to correct the known issues in the CAD before tooling is cut. As the ARC thread has so conveniently pointed out for them. So we shall see.
  8. Someone commented that the Phoenix was only good on a Tomcat, and asked if they would be doing a 1/32 tomcat. The reply was stay tuned.
  9. This should be in LSP Discussion. I put it in the wrong forum. Can an admin move it please and thank you?
  10. AMK Announced 1/32 US Missile Set on Facebook. Hints at 1/32 F-14. Stay tuned. Let the discussion and complaining begin....and go!
  11. Did you go to the website? 1/32, 1/48, 1/72, 1/35 available.
  12. Bought mine from Sprue Brothers. Gordon is a super nice guy and I don't trust china sellers.
  13. Would buy a prowler in a half a heartbeat. Especially since I now own Jakes new book on the beasty.
  14. I get mine from ebay. A seller in Indiana if memory serves me.
  15. Radio Shack is gone. All but a very small online presence. Hobbytown franchise made a deal to buy remaining inventory and sell through their stores.
  16. Just buy both you know you want to. I probably will.
  17. I have a tote full of his stuff. Its first rate. Can't recommend it enough.
  18. Have you sent a note of to Z-M letting them know of the issue? As they may have rushed to get the preorders done and missed that those weren't complete.
  19. Here are some of the pics of my build. I went with flaps up as well. All markings stenciled and airbrushed.
  20. Built this kit. I really enjoyed it. I used the Aires cockpit as well. Fit was pretty good. I built mine with a natural metal cockpit. With some cockpit panels painted green to represent wartime availability of parts.
  21. Any guesses whether this will be available through Sprue Brothers, as they carry many of the other products from them?
  22. Awesome news from CWS. I have the mig 29A, will be getting the c & smt when available. I am gonna need more Zactoman missiles
  23. Forgot the cockpit. At this point I have the basic cockpit done. I still need to add some stuff and weather it. I cant get over how much I love the prepainted Eduard sets. All the white markings for the switches and knobs looks like they are there. I cut the knobs off the Trumpeter kit and applied them onto the Eduard set, and I think it gives it nice depth. I am still trying to decide if I want to put the pilot figure in. Originally I was going to just so I didn't have to mess with the speedbrake well and door. But I am giving it a go. In fact that is where we will pick up the build again here shortly is my working on that.
  24. Miscellaneous pics to complete the story to date. Add some story to these pics: The Trumpeter F-100 has the parachute ejection track on both sides of the rear fuselage. That is wrong should only be on one side so I need to fill those lines in. Using my favorite putty Tamiya basic. Thinning the rear of the fuselage and adding some internal structure as you won't see much past the burner but you will see a little. This is he tail skid mechanism, part Eduard part kit. These are part of the tools I used to work the seam line in the intake. Also mounted these on some brass channel as well. Thanks
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