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  1. Sorry I wasn't able to give any info. I got the package from Sprue, verified contents then went to bed. Work, work, work that's all I get done. Terribly disappointed in the instructions. Not anywhere near Wingnut quality. Call outs for the different options for the variants could be a little confusing. No information is provided as to what the differences are other than aircraft "A" uses this and aircraft"C" uses this one. Decals seem a little thick and the photoetch is really thin. One side of my cockpit combing is busted off from the wing. Definitely the Wingnut feel to the kit without the f
  2. Mine came yesterday from Sprue Brothers.
  3. I wanted to say I just picked this up from Sprue Brothers and it showed up today. WOW, is the only word needed to describe it. It is by far the best looking HUD I have seen the resin frames are so delicate and with the precut glass panels as well. It comes well packaged too. I hope you plan on expanding this line. I will buy them for all my large scale jets, US and Russian (hint,hint) It's part # FL32-2000 in case anyone is interested. I have no affiliation with the manufacturer. Nor is this a paid nonattorney spokesperson.
  4. Where did you purchase these from? Exactly what I am looking for. Thanks Tom
  5. I would buy a couple for sure. They have the opportunity to correct the known issues in the CAD before tooling is cut. As the ARC thread has so conveniently pointed out for them. So we shall see.
  6. Someone commented that the Phoenix was only good on a Tomcat, and asked if they would be doing a 1/32 tomcat. The reply was stay tuned.
  7. This should be in LSP Discussion. I put it in the wrong forum. Can an admin move it please and thank you?
  8. AMK Announced 1/32 US Missile Set on Facebook. Hints at 1/32 F-14. Stay tuned. Let the discussion and complaining begin....and go!
  9. Did you go to the website? 1/32, 1/48, 1/72, 1/35 available.
  10. Bought mine from Sprue Brothers. Gordon is a super nice guy and I don't trust china sellers.
  11. Would buy a prowler in a half a heartbeat. Especially since I now own Jakes new book on the beasty.
  12. I get mine from ebay. A seller in Indiana if memory serves me.
  13. Radio Shack is gone. All but a very small online presence. Hobbytown franchise made a deal to buy remaining inventory and sell through their stores.
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