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  1. I get mine from ebay. A seller in Indiana if memory serves me.
  2. Radio Shack is gone. All but a very small online presence. Hobbytown franchise made a deal to buy remaining inventory and sell through their stores.
  3. Just buy both you know you want to. I probably will.
  4. I have a tote full of his stuff. Its first rate. Can't recommend it enough.
  5. Have you sent a note of to Z-M letting them know of the issue? As they may have rushed to get the preorders done and missed that those weren't complete.
  6. Here are some of the pics of my build. I went with flaps up as well. All markings stenciled and airbrushed.
  7. Built this kit. I really enjoyed it. I used the Aires cockpit as well. Fit was pretty good. I built mine with a natural metal cockpit. With some cockpit panels painted green to represent wartime availability of parts.
  8. Are these flying restorations or simply cosmetic?
  9. Any guesses whether this will be available through Sprue Brothers, as they carry many of the other products from them?
  10. Awesome news from CWS. I have the mig 29A, will be getting the c & smt when available. I am gonna need more Zactoman missiles
  11. Forgot the cockpit. At this point I have the basic cockpit done. I still need to add some stuff and weather it. I cant get over how much I love the prepainted Eduard sets. All the white markings for the switches and knobs looks like they are there. I cut the knobs off the Trumpeter kit and applied them onto the Eduard set, and I think it gives it nice depth. I am still trying to decide if I want to put the pilot figure in. Originally I was going to just so I didn't have to mess with the speedbrake well and door. But I am giving it a go. In fact that is where we will pick up the build again here shortly is my working on that.
  12. Miscellaneous pics to complete the story to date. Add some story to these pics: The Trumpeter F-100 has the parachute ejection track on both sides of the rear fuselage. That is wrong should only be on one side so I need to fill those lines in. Using my favorite putty Tamiya basic. Thinning the rear of the fuselage and adding some internal structure as you won't see much past the burner but you will see a little. This is he tail skid mechanism, part Eduard part kit. These are part of the tools I used to work the seam line in the intake. Also mounted these on some brass channel as well. Thanks
  13. May 4 2014 And finally a not so good thing to report. I had been doing some priming of some of the parts, and the afterburner section was part of that process. I usually use Floquil Primer through the old airbrush, but since I didn't have a proper spray booth since I moved, I have been using Tamiya Primer out of a rattle can. I have had awesome results using this stuff and since it is near a idiot proof primer (and somedays I am nearer that than not) I thought what the heck I'll use this. Well I got way to much on the exhaust ring trying to paint the inside of it. So it was too thick for my liking on the base of it. Sooooo I'll just strip it in my go to solution of 91% isopropyl alcohol. I have used this stuff dozens of times stripping paint of off plastic models with near perfect results. I swear by it, it's cheap doesn't harm plastic ever, you can leave plastic in it for days without any ill effects. Well if you remember from my beginning posts I was using the Master Details resin afterburner section for the F-102s the were fitted to the F-100 before they went to the National guard units. A warning about Isopropyl alcohol. Resin parts and it do not react well over long term submersion. The results are absolutely horrendous. I had left the parts in submersion for about 12 hours or so and checked on them, the primer had softened some and was starting to come of with a vigorous rubbing everything seemed fine, I thought I will let it soak some more and it will come right off. That was were I made the big mistake because I forgot about them for two or three days. When I remembered I thought oh yeah the paint will probably be gone or just fall of. When I took them out this is what I found: So now the parts are like rubber, and still that way after 4 days out of the soak. I have never seen this kind of reaction before and the fact that they are rubbery means that the alcohol removed some component out of the resin, some weird chemical reaction. I would have been better off to just soak them in paint thinner to remove the primer. It would have been faster and less likely to damage the resin. The good news is that all is not lost for this project, as I was smart enough to buy two sets of these before Master went out of business. Trumpeter was after all going to release an F-100F as it had been in the catalog for a year or two and I needed the extra set for that. The bad news is I won't be buying the Trumpeter F-100F now as I wont have the right afterburner for it. :bandhead2:/> Oh well live and learn, it's all part of the fun right? right?
  14. May 4 2014 Been awhile since I updated. I am a slow modeler, like I've said start your calendars. But I am making some progress. I have been working on all the components that need to be finished before I can close up the fuselage. I am nearing that point and will need time to start painting some things soon. I have purchased a new spray booth to help with that and now all I need is a small compressor with tank, waiting for Harbor Freight to have a sale again. First up are the door for the gun covers. In typical trumpeter fashion they are open, not my plan so they must be fit for closing. So I drilled out the doors and thinned them from behind and added .010 strip styrene to make the vents. I have also been working on the side wall of the cockpit adding the Eduard set and styrene bits here and there. Thanks for looking
  15. April 18 2014 I thought I would post a couple of pics of the aircraft I will be representing with this build. It's always nice to have pics of both sides. Thanks
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