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  1. I don't believe Hydrogen Peroxide works to all kinds of "clear plastic". Timing to reverse the oxidation(yellowing) may also different. There are some easy ways to tell if it's working - 1.Cut a small piece only big enough to judge its' color.("new" cuts which also increase the reaction surface) 2.After several hours, compare with a untreated one on a white paper. If the two color still the same, then it's useless on your case. I won't suggest to use more concentrate Hodrogen Peroxide. If it works, remember coat a furture after de-yellowing. Kwen.
  2. Good job! The handrail on both side maybe not vertical turn? Cheers, Kwen.
  3. Alclad has a gloss black for that purpose. But I suggest to google "brass blackening" before trying to paint. There were many "blue" chemical solution can do a better job. Other material like aluminum, better pre-treat with acid(low conc. Ferric Chloride etc.) before painting or blackening. Cheers, Kwen.
  4. My friend Jeard taught me this way: Clear the yeallow with diluted hydrogen peroxide overnight, you better try several titers with small pieces of yellowed plastic. Not to over-doing this with strong peroxide because it may not be reversible. After satisfied the results, seal with future. By the way, I thought most Vac form guys knew this way. Cheers, Kwen. P.S.: 3% Hydrogen Peroxide(Used for cleaning wounds before providone-iodine appeared) can easily get from a drugstore. Good enough as a stock reagent here. Don't need a high concentrate to bleach everything.
  5. Hi Rog, If I were you I will wait for a better BK5 in 1/32 first. IMO there are some issues of accuracy with Schstton's BK5. Cheers, Kwen. compare with RB in 1/48
  6. Joe, I totally appreciated you and Scott to make this coversion kit to come true. Forgive my bad English expession. Just want to remind others who want to build a 1/32 Me262 A-1/U4. There maybe some issue with the only gun barrel(shape?) choice we have now, but those are not very difficult to correct if the barrel was made by resin. Have to say again you did a very good job with the casting! Cheers, Kwen.
  7. Hi Joe, Received mine today. Very fast shipping and Well cast! I have a Schatton 1/48 Bk5(MK214) and many barrels from him in 1/35, but few years ago met similar communication problems like others when tried to buy some 1/32 barrels. I still have some credit there but I don't care now. Because IMO his old products cannot meet today's standard. So I'm little worried abot the resin barrel if it was referred to Schatton's. I have a 1/48 Master model BK5, the arrangement of holes on flame suppressor were totally different. It is not difficult to correct but did someone notice that? Cheers, Kwen.
  8. Hi Mark,

    A happy surprise in the end of the year - the books showed up this afternoon. Will send you paypal after this message. Thank you very much but no to the Canada mail.

    Happy new year!


  9. O.K.,You are all guilty! Hand over those distract your attentions and people may forgive you.
  10. 1.Fold first. 2.Micro Kristal Klear(similar to white glue). Kwen.
  11. Just received another letter from John of AIMS: 'The 4D+MR on my decal sheet, like the 4D+AR and DR are all A-5's. Regardless of what may be written all the photos of these aircraft at the date you mention are A-5s of 7/KG 30 not 3/KG 30 as you say." It made me more confused. Were there two Ju88, one A-5 of 7/KG30 with No. 4D+MR, one A-4 of III/KG30 with same No., both served in Sicily during early 1941? And finally the latter was shot down by a beaufighter on Oct. 1941? With the same crew members? Or there was only one 4D+MR Ju88A-5 of 7/KG30 during Sicily, other resources mistakened it for a A-4? Or the A-5 converted and upgraded to a A-4/Trop during Sicily, shot down that year when returning to France? But British thought it was belong to 3/KG30? It seems I'm making myself a fool!!! I'm planning to copy a similar 1 /48 decals and print to 1/32 scale. End of ghost chasing Kwen.
  12. Hi guys, Want to build a Ju88A with ships sunking credit on its tail. So my only choice is the Ju88"A-5" 4D+RM of AIMS 32D003. Then I remember read an old Ju88 book published by Bunrin-Do co.(No.7 1987-11). There was a photo of a Ju88 4D+MR, but the description said it was a "A-4" type. I don't actually believe what books said except with photos to prove those words. That photo only showed the tail and pilot. Then I check the wabsite and found http://fishponds.org.uk/luftbri10.html On the bottom comes the "A-4" 4D+RM, so I wrote a letter to John of AIMS to clear this doubt. His answer was "the 4D+MR that was shoot down would have been an A-4 by the time 3./KG 30 transferred back to France but for the Sicily operations earlier that year they were all A-5's. Very likely the same crew though, photos of 4D+MR in Sicily show th pilot with the Iron cross 1st class ribbon, if Lt Haakh is on the list I would say that was him." After another search, a PDF files shows on March of 1941, III/KG30 already have A-4/Trop in Sicily. http://www.ww2.dk/misc/obmed.pdf Was there possible a A-4 type and a A-5 type with the same 4D+MR ID? Any one can provide the photo of 4D+RM photos with the identities of its type? Kwen.
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