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  1. Tolga, That's coming along great! May I ask what you used (wash/weathering) to make the underside detail stand-out? It is very nice. Andrew
  2. Fantastic! That's one hell of a build, Collin. -- Nice job. Andrew
  3. Is there an aftermarket 1/32 Stabilizer/Rudder set to replace the ones supplied in the Trumpeter Bf.109G-2 kit? TIA Andrew
  4. Do the 1/32 Hasegawa Bf.109's come with an ETC bomb rack, if not, is there somebody that makes an aftermarket 1/32 ETC bomb rack? TIA Andrew
  5. Can anybody please tell me where I can find a 1/32 scale line drawing of a Bf.109G-6 ? TIA Andrew
  6. That is very nice work Franck! Thank you for posting pictures of your Bf.109F!!! Andrew
  7. Hello, Can anybody please tell me what color(s) these 24 victory bars on the rudder could have been? Also, where might I find a good up close example of what they look like? Thanks, Andrew
  8. Eagleston's P-47D Did Glenn Eagleston's P-47D s/n 420473 have the Skull & Cross-Bones on both sides or port side only? I have decal sheets that have it both ways and I want to know which is correct. Thanks, Andrew
  9. Paint formula (Mix) for Faded Olive Drab look... IIRC a couple drops of RED were added to OD to fade it, but not sure. Can anybody please tell me if I'm correct? How do you fade OD? Thanks, Andrew
  10. What are the differences between the P-51D & P-51K? TIA Andrew
  11. Hi Roy, Here's what I got when I asked about the Red cowl & rudder. Hans 'Assi' Hahn Andrew
  12. Wow! That came out very nice Brian! I like it because it's clean, and it looks great without all the heavy weathering. Nice job! Andrew
  13. How much is shipping for this kit to the US? I can't find shipping cost on their web-site. Andrew
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