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  1. Sorry to say, but these were limited-run, as most of our kits...
  2. Right, it was Wojtek (father) who made a master for Montex long time ago.
  3. Hi, We are still working on the interior and schemes, hence it is safe to say that January will be a month of premiere. Simon
  4. Unfortunately not at the time...
  5. That's right Guys, our next release will be 1:32 Gloster Gauntlet. More details to come soon. Expected release date: December 2020. Meanwhile, please enjoy a stunning build of our Gloster Gladiator.
  6. Apologies for not replying sooner. We had some trouble with our computer equipment for over a week. We will share the build guide as soon as we catch up on orders and emails Take care! Simon
  7. Hi Troy, we are working on a continuation of our British aircraft line in 1/32. It shall be released in Octover/November time frame
  8. One more release this year. The Finnish Fokker to be determined meanwhile
  9. Hi Guys, indeed - Serge did it on his own. We are currently focusing on the new projects, hence not investing in the Finnish Fokker, however we have recently started researching the documentation in order to determine if we could release such Fokker in the nearest future
  10. Coming up this week - the Yak-9 step-by-step build guide. Stay tuned!
  11. One of these two, plus one other not mentioned recently
  12. Dear Friends, Meet our new release model #32-022 - the DH Tiger Moth in 1:32 scale. Despite the initial difficulties related to situation we are facing globally, the kit is available in sales and can be shipped nearly any destination. Please be sure to check our website www.silverwings.pl for more details. You can place your orders by writing us at silverwings@silverwings.pl. p.s. The majority of pre-orders have been shipped now. This week we will start shipping to the US, as borders for commercial flights have been opened back.
  13. Sorry to hear that. Please don't hestitate to ask for a good price from our dealers or directly from us. At least the source and quality of the kits is reliable
  14. Just to clarify - we never sell our kits on ebay, only via website or local distributors. If you see Silver Wings kits there, they are typically re-selled by someone else and we cannot guarantee they are complete.
  15. Yup, we started catching up on delivering parcels. Tomorrow we will get to know if there are any options available for other countires. Keep your fingers crossed
  16. but when you do, please make sure you put your mask on to prevent from getting infected, sharks and waves shall be a lesser issue
  17. Hi, As the postal services remain temporarily suspended between most countries, we searched for alternative ways of delivering our kits to those who placed orders right before and during the pandemic spread. Luckily, some postal services are available for the UK, Germany and Czech Republic. For other European countries, we expect them to be restored early May. Unfortunately, it is still unknown for the non-EU countries, especially for the US, Asia and Australia. We could optionally switch to the courier services, however they are 4 times more expensive from the standard shipping co
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