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  1. Thanks Richard! They've both been on the bench but ran into random issues with each one. The curves on the nose would make just about any decal be a problem.
  2. Thanks guys! Sadly, the rest of the decals didn't go on anywhere as nicely. There's several small tears and folds in the mouth and they're driving me nuts. Oddly, no silvering which is my normal Achilles heel when using decals. A friend suggested a light sanding and then touching them up. My concern is that the white paint won't match the ever so slight translucency of the decals and make things look worse. If I can get a scan of the decal sheet I may try making my own mask for the mouth. Otherwise I'm thinking I'll leave it aside and go back to French Kiss which I've got different problems with. Like having mounted rockets on the wrong set of wings... Carl
  3. Hope these pics help you out Thomas. You could probably just insert the ends of the exhausts from the outside if you're not too worried. Carl
  4. Sounds about right. It was much wider than the Tamiya fuselage and more square as I recall. I had a hard time getting it to work but your builds make it look like a walk in the park.
  5. Really great progress there David. Nice to see the differences between the two. Not just in the kits but the airframes themselves. Carl
  6. They're looking really fantastic William. Is the Warbirds conversion the same as the RB one for the PCM Spitfire? I used the RB nose on a Tamiya VIII and that was quite the challenge. Carl
  7. For good or bad, the Zotz decal is basically the outline so there's very little carrier film. Good because it means there's less to silver. Bad because it folds up and breaks on you when you try to position it. Hopefully I'll get the other side on ok and then can add the mouth and eyes.
  8. While the nose dried, I decided to paint the fuselage insignias. With the rear fuselage painting all done, I unmasked the waist window and saw what I expected. Both waist guns were broken off their mounts due to all the handling. One of the ammo boxes even fell out the rear crew hatch. There's also a bunch of dust on the inside. Nothing I can do about any of it. At least the tail gunner's station fared a bit better.
  9. Time for a small update. Zotz give you a mask for doing the blue base for the bat nose art. In my set, it was cut from a somewhat stiff gold coloured vinyl. There's an outline for the canopy to help you place it correctly. Unfortunately I somehow ended up distorting the masks Nd could get it into a reasonable shape that the decal would have fit over. I decided to peel it off and try making my own from frisket. I traced the decal shape onto the frisket and then cut it out. Then it was time for the blue.
  10. I found it easier to just cut a new side panel from sheet styrene rather than sand off the details from the kit one. I then started gluing on the individual panels. Each panel is made up of a couple layers at least. Some have acetate instruments behind them. So this has really bogged things down.
  11. Thanks gents! What had been planned as a mostly OOB build has gone a bit sideways. I had originally bought some Res/Kit resin rocket pods but when they arrived all the rocket tubes were broken so they were useless. I decided to try and drill out the kit ones. Where things really went off the rails is the cockpit. I had previously bought the Part PE set but was gong to skip using it. Then i figured if I had it might as well use it. Needelees to say, it's a lot of tiny PE panels. Doesn't help when you have a cat in your lap. She does make a good trap for dropped PE bits.
  12. Looks great and I'll echo Chris's comment as it was the same on my BF110 C. Carl
  13. Vaughan, I'm just catching up with this. It looks absolutely fantastic already. Any plans to enlarge this for the Zvezda SD? One thing I liked about Rogue One was you got to see Gold Squadron's Y-Wings take out the Star Destroyers and not just be cannon fodder like they were in A New Hope. Carl
  14. I remember the first time the N kit came out. I only picked it up because HLJ offered free shipping on your entire order if you bought one. I think that was the only time they did something like that. So I wonder if it wasn't as popular in Japan as the other variants which may be why they have reissued as often. Carl
  15. Looks great Brian. The missiles are impressive especially with the touch of weathering you've given them. Carl
  16. At the end of last year a large collection came up for sale. The owner had passed away and the family wanted it sold as a single lot. They stopped counting at 11,000 kits which were mostly aircraft. I looked at some of the inventory pics and was a bit stunned at what was there. The good news is my LHS was able to buy the collection. So hopefully we'll see it hit the market soon. Carl
  17. Don, great to see you as well. They had a good time looking at the models on display and the Museum's aircraft as well. They had so much fun we ended up driving to Wheels and Wings right after. They each got a free kit from the IPMS raffle desk, some magnets and a diecast car. So they made off like bandits. I didn't get a chance to take any pics except a couple of the Lanc though. Carl
  18. This will be great to see David. You can see the difference in the quality of the mouldings between the two kits. Carl
  19. Here's the GT Resin exhaust (on the right) compared to the kit one. This is from my slat wing E build a couple years ago. Carl
  20. Hi Dainis, $5 sound ok? PM me and we can figure something out for delivery. Carl
  21. So here's my bench at the moment. I'm working away on the wings cleaning up and filling seams. I also have to add underwing rockets to French Kiss. As you might be able to te from the above pic, our cat has become very cuddly of late. It seems every time I get to the bench, she hops in my lap. I'm surprised she hasn't gotten paint or glue spilled on her.
  22. French Kiss's turn: As she's NMF, I sprayed a base coat of gloss black. I was using Alclad airframe aluminum for the NMF but I wasn't getting decent coverage for some reason. It was very translucent even after multiple coats. I finally gave up on it and tried a bottled of Mr Metal Color.
  23. After assembling the nose for French Kiss, I found out the MG bodies don't line up with the openings for the barrels. So on Betty's Dream, I ditched the guns and made a bulkhead for the barrels to go into. With that done, it was time for paint. Starting with a base coat of interior green on the window frames. Then olive drab and neutral grey.
  24. The tail gunner's canopy was then installed on French Kiss. When it came time for the same step on Betty's Dream, it was a bit more complicated. When I closed up the fuselage initially, I could only install the ammo belts for the port side. There was nothing to hold them in place on the starboard side. So I had to wait until both halves were joined. Everything that has to go in and get threaded through the gunner's shield too. After lots of finangling and some NSFW language, I got them in place. Most of this probably won't be seen on the finished model.
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