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  1. I was a little surprised too Kev. They are Identical each side, no idea what happened. Not sure if it's my mess up or just the fit of the kit. Everything else fitted perfect, so it's probably something I did, lol. Nothing a bit of card and filler won't fix though!
  2. Hey Guys, After a while away with work and house move, I'm finally back in the game! I've managed to progress the Mossie a little. The cockpit is now complete and I'm now moving towards the two engine/undercarriage sub assemblies. One engine will be fully exposed, the other fully closed up. I'd like to keep a Merlin spare in case I need it for something else! OK, here's some pics of where I am at, hope you like... Cheers Guys, thanks for looking, Chris.
  3. Hey Guys, It's been a while but I'm making (slow) progress... Got the 'pit just about finished and I've just got the fuselage halves together, which was a feat in itself! Anyway, a few pics to show where i'm at now, hope you like... Should hopefully be progressing a bit quicker now the 'pit is done. Chris.
  4. Hi Andy, welcome aboard! That engine and cockpit looks the mutts nuts mate. Great stuff Chris.
  5. Hi Guys, Progress is a little slow on this, but I have a small update Almost finished the cockpit, just starting on the side walls. Got the GEE Navigation Display scratch built, just hope it fits..... That's all for now. Hope to have a lot more done soonest.. Chris
  6. Hey Guys, Progress has been a little slow on this, but I managed to get some colour on what I've done so far. Hoping to speed up a bit now I'm not so busy at work Back soon with a bit more! Chris.
  7. I've used Vallejo Model Air paints quite a lot recently, they are becomming a favourite! I used to use the Vallejo dedicated thinners, but recently I have found that ordinary tap water works without any issues. Thinned until it just runs down the side of the cup, sprayed at about 20-25 psi, no problems! Chris.
  8. Oh, forgot to mention. Anyone building a Mossie should look here. A lot of great detail photos.... http://picasaweb.google.com/107238265313281486528/DH98MosquitoNF30RK952?gsessionid=rnLJIa9c4LtQI5qCVEyOGA Chris.
  9. Hi Guys, Thanks for the cool comments, only just started but cracking on with the 'pit. I've been trying to research seat harnesses.. The Sutton harness on the Mossie, does anyone have an idea if they would be the early QK type or the later QS type (with the quick release box)? Looking around, some people seem to think early style, some late. I did read somewhere that the late style QS harness wasn't introduced until very late, 1945/46, which leads me to believe that my build should have the earlier QK type. Am I correct? It's all a little confusing for my tiny brain!! I've got some sets of Radu's early style QK's and would like to use them..... Chris.
  10. This is my kind of thing! This is absolutely stunning! Chris.
  11. Thanks for the comments guys! Phil, you are right about the invasion stripes That profile pic is a little dark. Extra Dark Sea Grey is indeed a bit lighter than it shows in the pic. Wurzacher, the book i'm using is called 'Mosquito FB.VI - Airframe, systems and RAF wartime usage' by Dave Brown. It's actually been reviewed on these forums here: http://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/review.php?rid=331 It really is the only book you will need for Mosquito reference, it's superb! Chris.
  12. Thanks Smudger! Phil, I've seen your Sea Mosquito and if mine turns out half a good as that, I'll be very happy indeed. That's a superb build! These are the 2 schemes i'm thinking of doing, need to choose one. I'm leaning towards the Special Coastal Duties one at the moment..... Chris.
  13. Hey Guys, Well, I've gone and done it. I thought I would see what all the fuss is about with this Mosquito......and I'm not disappointed! (well....there are quite a few ejector pin marks!). Overall, it's a fantastic kit and will be a joy to build. It will make a superb kit straight from the box. I have seen some fantastic builds of this kit on these forums, so I hope I can do it justice. But....me being me, I can't build straight out the box, lol. I think I may have mild OCD . I've made a start on the cockpit and gun bay, with a bit of added detail, check it out: This may take a while...... Chris.
  14. Guys, Many thanks for all the cool comments, glad you like it, although I'm not too sure I deserve such praise! As I've said before, 90% of what I know about this hobby I have learned from you people in these forums. And for that, I am extremely grateful!! Chris.
  15. She's all finished Guys, finished pics over in the 'Ready For Inspection' bit. Cheers!! Chris.
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