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Armament rectangle on F-4B: Which weights would be appropriate

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Hi guys,


I‘m about to throw that ARMAMENT rectangle decal on my F-4B. She is loaded with four Sidewinders and a centerline drop tank, does anyone know what weighs would be appropriate?







Were the weights in fact scribbled on there before every cat launch? Or can I just forget about this detail?





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Well, there are many variables but taking some numbers from the F-4B NATOPS, F-4B Standard Aircraft Characteristics, F-4B/J Plane Captains Handbook and a McAir Ordnance booklet....

Basic weight 28265 LBS
Internal Fuel 13729 LBS
C/L Tank Fuel 4094 LBS
AIM-9D 186.8 LBS x 4


= 46,835.2 Pounds

An Empty C/L tank was 235 LBS (didn't include that above) whilst a Wing Missile Pylon was 146 LBS (though not sure if these would be included in the basic weight). AIM-7E Sparrows were 434.5 LBS each.

However, a quick browse through some images would suggest that they didn't always write these all in, many times just the total weight...and sometimes nothing at all...



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So I looked closely at one of only two period pics of „201“ (on Coral Sea in 72), turns out she didn’t even have the panel, doh.


she also doesn’t have any ejection seat warning triangles, can’t wait for the comments on that when I take the model to a show :-)




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Wow Jari, those are the best period pics of 201 I have seen and I had not seen them before.


Here is the pic I was working off of… probably later in the cruise. Also note no ejection seat triangles and yellow corrosion control:




I have built her exactly like this, including the yellow corrosion control and corrosion control through the intake national insignia.




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