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AIMS 1/32 RFC / RAF National Insignia

Pastor John

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AIMS RFC / RAF WWI British National Insignia 1/72, 1/48 & 1/32
Just sent these off to be printed - hope they might come in handy in case you have a tragedy with the WnW kit decals. The wing markings have been left 'whole' on purpose instead of bisected for aileron - this way you might be able to use for other aircraft types. Having just made a 1/48 Eduard Camel and making a second one presently and with WnW kits in the stash that I would hate to have an accident with and my Roden SE 5 decals being awful I thought that these are decals that I might need myself! Thanks for looking, Johnheader.jpg32D035-1.jpg32D035-2.jpg
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Looks perfect!, I'm getting them when they are available!


Given the rather poor roundel decals, particularly the dark red edges, of the Roden SPAD series decals (VII and XIII early/late would French roundels for the SPAD XIII and VII be a possibility as well? With separate center dots Italian could be possible, too?



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