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Gateway IPMS Show Report


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I sort of fibbed in the make the others jealous thread, by stating there was nothing worth taking photos of at this show. There were a few nicely turned subjects, just nothing in "our" scale, save for a couple of Tomcats and a Phantom, which were less than stellar. There may or may not been any LSP props, I really don't recall. (My roommate has now confirmed that there were no large scale props.) Generally, for the second year in a row, and for reasons unknown, the contest area was pretty sad; many vacant or underrepresented categories, very unusual for our show.


On the plus side, the vendor area (including our own Daniel460), seemed to really be thriving.


Small scale destroyer:




1:35 StuG:




1:72 B-25:




And another 1:72 B-25:



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That's sad to hear that modellers did not show their models but I am sure what you saw and share with us was Awesome. 

The Stug vignette  looks pretty impressive as do the Non LSP models. They still look Humongous!!


Thank you for sharing the photos. 

Appreciate  yoyr time and efforts.

Glad you enjoyed the day.



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6 hours ago, europapete said:

Sorry to hear about the show tables Kev. Was the show well advertised with media posts and hobby shop flyers etc? Regards Pete in RI


To be quite honest I'm really not sure about how much the show was pushed. It used to be advertised all over the place though. Many of the folks that normally do show up didn't, I did notice that.

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