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Name Change for Aviation Discussion


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Howdy folks,


Just a heads up that the former Aviation Discussion forum has had a slight revision of its name, and is now the Aviation Discussion & Research forum. We hope that this describes the full scope of that forum more clearly.


And just to be doubly clear, the purpose of this forum is to provide a place for all real-world aviation topics, including the posting of reference material, research questions, historical information, colour conundrums, aviation videos, aviation news, and any other question that relates to the nature of the real aircraft rather than a specific kit of same.


Many members mistakenly post such questions in LSP Discussion, as from their perspective, their question relates only to the kit they're building. But if you're not sure, ask yourself if the question you have could equally apply to any kit of that subject an any scale, and if the answer is yes, then it belongs in Aviation Discussion & Research, rather than LSP Discussion. The latter is meant for discussion of LSP kits and related aftermarket products only.


For example, the question "what colour should I paint my P-40 cockpit" is generic to all P-40s, and is about the aircraft, not a specific LSP kit. As such, it should be posted in Aviation Discussion & Research.


I am of course happy to clarify this further if it's still not clear.



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