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1/32 Zoukeimura vs Verlinden MD-3 mule tow tractor accuracy


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The dimensions of the 1/32 Zoukeimura and Verlinden MD-3 mules are vastly different. Does anyone know which one, if either, is more accurate? If this has been discussed somewhere before I can't find it.


Also, would they have been yellow or white in the mid to late 1980s?

Google has not been my friend. 





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Thanks a million Jari. You always provide the best, most helpful and interesting information to everyone. I appreciate it very much. I bookmarked that webpage.


The Verlinden deck mules and tractors appear to be largely out of proportion. The Zoukeimura MD-3 details are more refined and subtle and is narrower than Verlinden. I'm still not sure which is more dimentially accurate but to my eye either one could look good.

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